NEW YouTube Rules Copyright Holders MUST Follow

As of September 2019, @youtube implemented a new policy concerning copyrighted music 🎵 on their platform – and for once, this policy may upset copyright holders.

youtube copyright

While most YouTubers are aware of the consequences of using unlicensed music on their channel, including copyright strikes and potential account termination ☠️, some may not realize exactly how these copyright strikes come to fruition 🤷. 

Copyright strikes on YouTube occur in one of two ways:

❌ YouTube’s #algorithm picks up the infringement

❌ The copyright holder flags 🚩 the video

When misuse is detected by the copyright holder, he or she can take one or more of the following actions:

✔️ Request a video #takedown ⬇️

✔️ Stop the violator from collecting profits 💰 from the video

✔️ Receive all revenue 💲 from that video themselves

However, as of September 2019, YouTube made one 👆 very important change to this policy.

In the past, copyright holders could exercise any of the rights listed above regardless of how much of their music was featured in a video.

In other words, even a musician whose song only appeared in seconds ⏱️ of a video could rightfully claim all of its #monetization.

Now, in order to increase the “fairness” ⚖️ of this policy, YouTube’s new policy bars copyright holders from monetizing off videos that feature “very short or unintentional uses of music”

Of course, this change raises many questions 🙋‍♂️, like what constitutes a “very short” ⌛ period of time and “unintentional” use? 

Now, instead of making revenue from these shorter music clips, copyright holders will have to choose from video takedown and monetization blocks.

YouTube copyright has recognized that this new rule will probably result in more video takedowns at first, but predict 🔮 that will slow down in time. Meanwhile, copyright holders are facing the consequences and making less profit from their music 🎶.