Opinion: Originality Is DEAD on Instagram

Have you seen 👀 the Instagram account @insta_repeat? 

If not, I highly recommend checking it out because it sparks 💥 an interesting and controversial conversation 🗣️ about social media, influencers, and originality on Instagram.

More specifically, many professional photographers 📸 as well as casual Instagram users have been voicing their controversial opinion that originality on Instagram is DEAD 😵.  

We’ve all seen how trends on Instagram shape influencer’s posts; everything from travel 🗺️ to fitness 🏋️ to pets 🐕 has had its moments.


In response to these trends, Instagram account @insta_repeat tracks the abundance of nearly identical images that floods the social media platform and places them side by side in one image.

But do these similarities actually imply a lack of originality 🤔? 

Some people say yes, and many of those individuals point ☝️ to influencers as the culprit.

Think about it: Influencers depend on the relevance and attractiveness of their posts to gain likes ❤️, followers 👥, and – eventually – brand deals 💸.

When a trend 📈 becomes popular on social media, it’s in influencers’ best interests to incorporate that #aesthetic, pose 💁, theme, or whatever, in their photographs.

I mean, they’re running a business 💰, right?

However, others who believe in a lack of originality on Instagram actually believe the social network itself is to blame! 

More specifically, these individuals blame Instagram’s #algorithm for turning the platform into a pool of identical, recycled ♻️ content.

If you think for a moment about your #Discover 🌎 Page, you might be surprised that many of the photos in your feed look very similar. 

Of course, Instagram copyright is simply trying to show you content you’ve already demonstrated an interest in, therefore presenting pressure for influencers to consistently deliver similar content.

What do you think about this controversy? Is originality dead ☠️ on Instagram? Whose fault it is? Let me know in the comments below.