Password Hacks Keep Your Businesses’ Data Safe and Avoid Huge Costs

Believe it or not, any hack into your business’ #private #data could easily cost you millions of dollars – or more 🤑.

Whether it’s a lawsuit for compromising consumers’ privacy or simply theft, any data breach your company faces will come with a high cost.

In order to protect ⚔️ yourself and your business against such potentially devastating consequences, employ these three password #hacks for keeping your business’ data safe in legal marketing:  

🛡️ Random generators

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In recent years, hackers have honed their skills in information deduction 🔎. 

In fact, Facebook hackers, for example, will browse your profile information from your birthday 🎈 to your mother’s maiden name, and use this data to guess your password!

Therefore, the most protective passwords for your business accounts are randomly generated and nearly impossible for hackers to figure out.

To keep your business accounts extra safe, you can start randomly generating passwords with free sites such as Secure Passwords Generator or Free Passwords Generator.

🛡️ Use a password manager

Once you start using randomly generated passwords for all of your accounts, you probably won’t want to memorize them 🤷. 

Therefore, #investing in a password protector app 📱 is a great way to keep your passwords safe and accessible (for you, that is).

Once you’ve added your passwords to one of these apps, you’ll only have to memorize one instead of dozens – just be sure to keep that one password as secure 🔐 as the others.

🛡️ Add more protection with two-factor #authentication

Some people find two-factor authentication to be a pain, but it’s the most effective way to add a second ✌️ layer of security to any password-protected account.

With two-factor authentication, a successful hacker would have to have your account’s password in addition to access to your emails 📧 or your physical phone!

By taking advantage of these password hacks to add extra security to your business accounts, you can protect yourself and your business from some BIG headaches.