The Best Instagram Giveaway Rules for Influencers

Who doesn’t love a good Instagram contest? Hosting social media giveaways is a marketing strategy to improve your follower count, attract potential customers, and boost post engagement 📈 . It helps to grow your customer base, reach a larger audience, and get your current followers/target audience to engage with user-generated content. If you’d like to capitalize on all that, you’ll need to follow the best Instagram giveaway rules in a bid to achieve your business goals.

Whether you’re putting together a simple contest or a competition that needs a little more detail, you’ll want to know Instagram’s restrictions 🚫. It’s important to be aware of these rules and gather detailed guidelines so your giveaway gets you maximum attention and engagement. Below is a breakdown of the best Instagram giveaway rules and promotion guidelines to keep in mind for a successful giveaway on the popular platform.

The Best Instagram Giveaway Rules: How to Share with Followers

Before you set up your giveaway official rules, you need to first figure out how to share them with your target audience 🎯. It’s quite normal to have the basic contest rules in your giveaway announcement post. You might want to put the more complicated guidelines somewhere else to avoid unnecessary clutter. Try writing your official giveaway rules ✍️ in a comment or positioning them below your giveaway post.

What if you want your competition or contest rules elsewhere aside from the original post? You can link to a blog post on your website where they’re all written out and properly displayed 👌. This has the added bonus of driving traffic to your site. 

The Top 5 Best Instagram Giveaway Rules for Influencers

Organizing a giveaway can be complicated, and it’s easy to forget simple steps. Here are the top 5 best Instagram giveaway rules to remember as you get your giveaway together 💪. 

1. Make Sure You’re Using Correct Terms

When you are hosting any sort of promotion on Instagram, you need to use the correct terms 🤔. Words like “giveaways,” “contests,” and “competitions” may sound the same, but they are actually different and are governed by different laws. Here’s the scoop:

Giveaway: In a giveaway, participants complete some sort of task (like submitting their email address) and win prizes without having to spend money 💰. In giveaways, the prize goes to a random winner or a number of lucky winners chosen at random.

Competition/Contest: A competition or regular contest idea requires participants to show their level of skills in a task. You then choose the winner 🏆 based on their performance or results.

2. Understand That Instagram Won’t Be Involved

As per Instagram’s Promotion Policy, when you host a giveaway or any sort of competition on the social media platform, you need to be aware that Instagram in no way supports or endorses your giveaway. This is to ensure that Instagram won’t be liable for any issues that may occur relating to your giveaway. You have to take full responsibility for hosting the promotion.

Make sure to include this information in your giveaway announcement and official rules. It needs to be clearly indicated to users unless otherwise stated by Instagram. 

3. Include Names of Companies and Brands

Is a partner brand hosting or sponsoring your giveaway? If so, be sure to use their name often! Use sponsor brand names in your giveaway announcements 📣 whenever possible to drive traffic to your and your partner brand’s social media.

Mentioning names of associated brands and companies in your giveaway announcement helps you too. You could attract fans of the brand to your own content, and you might also be able to partner with the brand for future giveaways😎. By including their information in your posts, you ensure a symbiotic relationship now and in the future.

4. Mention Details

In your official Instagram giveaway campaign post, the devil 😈 is in the details. List exact prizes 🤑 (products, coupons, or any gift card) along with any specifications or conditions. Describe how you’ll deliver the prize as well as any special conditions, such as shipping costs for international winners. 

Basically, your Instagram giveaway list of rules and guidelines should entail the following details:

  • Prize details
  • Entry requirements and conditions
  • Terms of eligibility
  • Age requirements
  • Criteria for choosing winners
  • Giveaway instructions

5. Clearly State Your Deadlines

Your giveaway official rules need to have the beginning and end dates clearly listed from start. They needs to mention when the giveaway officially starts and ends as well as when you’ll announce the winner. Be sure to mention the time zone 🕰 as well to make things easier for international participants.

Assistance with Your Instagram Giveaway

We hope this article gave you some idea 🧠 of the best Instagram giveaway rules for setting up your giveaway. By following these guidelines, you can ensure you have made things clear 🧐 about what you’re giving away when the giveaway will occur, and what the official stipulations are for entrants. These rules provide clarity and can help you avoid any sort of issue with participants.

What if an unhappy contestant should start raising hell? You might need to speak with a social media attorney. Our team has years of professional experience. We can give you the best legal guidance both in setting up your giveaway and dealing with a grievance. If you need help, 📞 reach out to us today!