The Instagram Influencer Legal Starter Package: Everything You Need to Know

As all influencers know, social media platforms are where it’s at. From school to our jobs, you can find pretty everything online 😇. And of the many social media platforms and social networks out there, Instagram seems one of the more popular ones👏. That’s why you need an Instagram influencer legal starter package to be in this business.

Insta has over a billion active users 👥. It’s involved with many companies and agencies, making it a great platform for advertising and marketing. So in this article, we’ll give you a breakdown of the legal aspects 🧑‍⚖️ you need to make your own Instagram influencer legal starter package.

Why Are Influencer Starter Packages Important?

Most people want to emulate those they look up to across various social platforms. In the same way, if a person you admire 🤩 speaks in a certain way, or dresses 👗 in a certain way, you may want to look like them (human influencers). That’s why a large number of Instagram influencers (maybe like you!) have a significant following due to their influencer posts and influencer partners.

Naturally, companies want to partner with these influencers and leverage them for advertising purposes. Instagram influencers and brands invest a lot in marketing, partnerships 🤝, and agreements. An Instagram influencer legal starter package is supposed to clarify expectations, protect all parties involved, and define ownership and rights as outlined by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

An Instagram influencer legal starter package is a form of protection 👮 from any sort of legal risk for every party involved. It also seeks to prevent false advertising and unprofessional influencer marketing strategy 🤓 during the influencer campaign.

Setting up an influencer legal starter package with the right FTC regulations benefits all three parties involved:

  • The influencer makes use of various social platforms
  • The brand
  • The audience

What’s in an Instagram Influencer Legal Starter Package?

The main element of an influencer legal starter package is an influencer agreement. This influencer contract with the requisite terms and conditions ⚠ is a must for every influence. The contract covers influencer marketing activities and brand advertising aspects of the project (more on that in a moment).

The Instagram influencer legal starter package may also include other specific documents, such as an NDA or a liability release. This depends entirely on the types of content social media influencers create. 

The Influencer Agreement: The Core of the Instagram Influencer Legal Starter Package

The influencer agreement makes your relationship with your client go as smoothly as possible. It includes the responsibilities of the influencer and the client; special requirements like the use of a popular hashtag or tracking of hashtags; or other considerations, such as including the brand’s name in the influencer’s account bio.

The influencer agreement outlines all work expected of the influencer by the brand they’ve partnered with. This can include:

  • Scheduling specific times⏰ for when they will post about the brand’s product
  • The format for posting (such as images or videos)
  • How often the brand or product’s name should appear in posts or bios

The agreement must also include formalities such as:

  • Terms of payment for the content creators based on certain factors (like new monthly users for the brand)
  • Dispute clauses
  • Confidentiality terms 🤫
  • Termination processes from the business owners
  • Post-termination 
  • Indemnity

Important Considerations for the Agreement

Make sure you never agree to anything that may infringe on your rights or creative freedom! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you craft your social media influencer business documents. 

  • Aim for a clear agreement that points out exactly what you need to post and in what format.
  • Cover creative control. You have to know whether to plan content for the brand or if the brand will provide guidelines for the appropriate influencer marketing strategy. 
  • Outline how long you want the contract for the influencer marketing campaign to last.
  • Include the agreed payment amount 💰 and the payment schedule.
  • Craft a termination clause that outlines situations where a party wants to end the partnership and what happens afterward.
  • It’s good to specify whether influencer will work as an independent contractor or an employee. Contract workers have completely different rights and responsibilities. 

Precautions When Drafting the Agreement

As you work on your Instagram influencer legal starter package, there are a few things you’ll want to remember. First, both the influencer and the company involved in the influencer marketing campaign must understand the laws that manage influencer starter packages in the influencer’s residing country. This is especially important if you’re located in different countries!

Also, the brand involved may ask you to prove that you have a real following. You can preempt this by including statistics about your engagement in your marketing package or media kit

Do You Need Help with Your Legal Starter Package?

Instagram influencers are important to the marketing world. Their presence has made a huge impact on millions of people 🤗 and grew many companies over the years. If you need help with Instagram legal starter package so you can keep growing your reach, you can use our influencer agreement template as a solid starting point!

To get started, just book a consultancy service with us here. With our help, you can create an Instagram influencer legal starter package that protects you and helps your business thrive 🙏.