The REAL Reasons Why Instagram’s IGTV Has Tanked

In 2018, Instagram introduced IGTV, a standalone app 📱 or addition to the main app that allows for longer videos 📺.

IGTV, which features vertical videos and channels, was created to compete with other video-based social platforms like YouTube and Tiktok.


Perhaps due to the overlap of these sites, only 1% of Instagram’s users downloaded the IGTV app, compared to TikTok’s 1.15 BILLION downloads ⬇️ in the same time frame, according to @techcrunch. 

Now, music on Instagram has announced that they will be removing the orange IGTV icon ✴️ from the main app, apparently because users are electing to watch IGTV videos on the Discover 🌎 and home pages. 

But is this really the truth? 

Here are the REAL reasons why I believe IGTV is failing: 

👎 It’s not differentiated

When IGTV was created, its vertical videos were advertised as unique, in an attempt to compete ⚔️ with YouTube.

However, as TikTok gained 📈 popularity, IGTV changed its strategy and introduced horizontal video. 

Ultimately, as time 🕰️ went on, Instagram continued to add more features from other apps, such as the scroll bar from TikTok. 

Eventually, IGTV lost any of the originality it had started with, and since then users have been left wondering… what’s the point  🤷? 

👎 There is no influencer benefit

Influencers who produce video content for YouTube and @facebook can earn profits 💰 with AdSense Revenue; however, this benefit is not available on IGTV.

IGTV has offered celebrities production reimbursement for their videos, but compared to sponsorship and ad deals 🤝 available on other platforms, that’s not saying much. 

Plus, over the years influencers have realized that it’s much easier to get popular quickly on new sites or apps, so the TikTok explosion is impossible for IGTV to compete with.

With all of this in mind, I can’t help but want to tell Instagram, STOP trying to make IGTV happen – it ISN’T going to happen!!