The Top 6 Rules for Instagram Giveaway Success

Hosting a giveaway on Instagram or any of the various social networks is a great marketing strategy πŸ‘Œ. It helps you to reach a larger audience, increases the follower count πŸ“ˆ and engagement of your brand, attracts your target audience and potential customers, and grows your presence on the popular social media platform. What’s not to like? πŸ€”

Many companies have managed to increase their following on Instagram and hit various marketing goals 🎯 by hosting giveaways. It’s an effective, proven strategy to promote growth overall in social media. However, no one can run a successful giveaway without following some promotion guidelines and official rules. Once you’ve come up with some genius giveaway ideas 🧠, consider our top six rules for Instagram giveaway success that many people fail to follow. Remember these, and your chances of a stellar Instagram giveaway shoot up!

The Top 6 Rules for Instagram Giveaway Success

You might think your giveaway rules, but it won’t rule if you don’t follow the rules. Follow the top six rules for Instagram giveaway success to avoid a flop, or even worse, getting kicked off the platform πŸ‘Ž. 

1. Have a Goal

What are you looking to get from this giveaway 🧐? Is it more followers? More engagement? More sponsorship offers? Better Instagram marketing? Whatever your goal is, it helps to identify it first and foremost so you can design your giveaway with the right strategy. For example, if you’re looking to increase the engagement of existing followers, you can encourage your followers to like or comment on your content in the giveaway announcement. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can craft your giveaway to appeal to a larger swath of users than usual. 

2. Stick to the Term “Giveaway”

A giveaway, a contest, and a competition are not one and the same. These three terms are often erroneously used interchangeably, but legally, they are very different terms bound by different rules. Unlike with competitions and contests, giveaway rules don’t require entries including user-generated content. Make sure to be clear that you’re hosting a giveaway since it will help prevent any unwanted legal issues βš–οΈ which can hurt your Instagram presence.

One more thing to keep in mind: never use the word ❌ β€œlottery” in your giveaway. This will lead to some serious legal issues since it is considered illegal to host a private lottery.

3. Tag Your Sponsors

Does your giveaway have a sponsor or partner brand? The Instagram policy says that you need to mention πŸ“£ the name of the company or brand that is hosting or sponsoring your giveaway. It is a requirement that is enforced by the law since people need to know who is behind the promotion they are interested in. However, it’s also in your best interests to mention your sponsors as much as possible, since drawing their audience to your giveaway posts. 

You can include the brand or company’s name in your captions, comments, giveaway campaign hashtag, and in your official giveaway rules. However, be aware that you shouldn’t mention any name or brand that isn’t involved in the giveaway. If Gucci didn’t sponsor your giveaway, for example, don’t try to pretend they did ❌. This is an important rule to follow if you want to avoid any unwanted lawsuits. 

4. Include Alllll the Details

Communication is key πŸ”‘! In your giveaway posts, you need to be unambiguous about your prize, participation restrictions, age restrictions, entry requirements, eligibility requirements, and the like. In other words, your giveaway announcement needs to contain quite a bit of seemingly boring but necessary information. This includes:

  • Location restrictions and age restrictions
  • Terms of eligibility
  • A statement explaining that Instagram is in no way connected to or involved with your giveaway (this is to avoid any legal issues or complaints to the platform)
  • How the giveaway winner will be announced
  • Whether you’ll choose alternate winners if your random winner doesn’t respond
  • How the winner will receive the prize πŸ†

5. Explain Exactly How to Enter

In your official rules, you need to tell people how to enter! Make sure to clearly list every step, no matter how small. The simpler your instructions, the easier it will be for participants to enter and the more people will engage. Mention πŸ“’ any varied methods of entry (e.g. messaging you, emailing you, filling out a form, etc.), and tell people exactly what to do.Β 

Try to avoid making the process complicated; having a lengthy process can discourage people from entering your giveaway. By having instructions that are easy to follow, simple to carry out, and few in number, you are ensuring a higher volume of engagement and awareness.

6. Delineate Important Dates and Times

Finally, you need to stipulate a period of time for your giveaway. Point out the date and time that the giveaway will begin, when the cutoff for entries is, and when the giveaway winner πŸ† will be announced. It’s important to mention your time zone as well; this gives some clarity to all international participants when they enter.

The last thing you want is to fail to mention your end date and time limit and have people enter a giveaway that has finished. This can both hurt your presence on Instagram and business/marketing reputation in the future. So make sure all your posts associated with the giveaway note when the giveaway ends.

Follow All the Rules for Instagram Giveaway Success with Legal Assistance

When setting up your Instagram or social media giveaway, it can be very easy to accidentally forget an important step. Sometimes, this can even have legal implications. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us or use our customizable giveaway rules template! With years of professional experience, we can assist you in establishing your official giveaway rules and resolving any grievances with your giveaway.

An attorney πŸ§‘β€βš–οΈ can review your rules and point out any legal requirements you might have missed or additional details you need to include to make your giveaway legally secure πŸ’ͺ. Don’t hesitate; let us help you craft the perfect official Instagram giveaway rules for your giveaway.