The Top Reasons You Need a Podcaster Legal Package

Are you new to the podcasting game 🎙️? If so, you probably want to do it right and make sure everything adheres to the law. Well, a podcaster legal package has the best solutions for you! It’s also pretty simple and straightforward to use for podcast content, and it can provide a good legal defense ⚖️ if you run into trouble.

A podcaster legal package mostly comprises components you’ve probably encountered before. They’ve stood the test of time and existed ever since the rise of television and radio. Here’s a breakdown of the top four reasons you need a podcaster legal package 📄.

1. It Leverages Copyright Law

Podcasts are one of the hot topics nowadays in blogs & new media, but podcasters 🎙️ work in the older field of communications media. This form of media can’t change as time goes by, but podcast law sure does. Only one difference exists: a podcaster doesn’t have as much money 💰 or legal clout as other industry experts in the field of media. This can lead to a legal issue if you don’t protect yourself. One way you can do that is with a podcaster legal package, which is largely grounded in one thing: copyright law. 

Copyright essentially refers to exclusive rights 💪 for the creator of a given work. These rights allow the person with ownership rights or advertiser agreement to display, copy, distribute, and address issues pertaining to the content (in this case, a podcast). This helps the original copyright owner gain some financial freedom by being compensated for their work. 

Copyright Law and Podcasts

You don’t have to register for copyright to make it active on your own podcast. However, for added protection 🛡️, it’s a good idea to put your stance in writing ✍️. For example, podcast service providers like you often register a copyright.

Anyone who uses the following items without a copyright notice or master use license from the original creator or copyright owner can face copyright infringement issues:

  • Music
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Legal stories podcasts
  • Clips for music libraries   

As podcast service providers, make sure your package outlines your complacency with the copyright law and any other common issue related to legal industry insights 🧐. You should also credit original creators and ask permission to display their work in your podcast guest release to avoid trouble 👮. 

2. “Fair Use” Isn’t Reliable

The term “fair use” is a defense against copyright infringement claims under U.S. law. It’s based on the First Amendment that ensures freedom of speech. However, it doesn’t guarantee this. At the end of the day, it’s still up to a judge 👨‍⚖️ to determine if it’s fair for industry experts to use the party material. 

When making this decision 🤔, the judge has to weigh several factors and legal topics. However, the evidence isn’t always conclusive, and this often leads to surprising verdicts.

Podcast law is new, so if you want legal protection and exclusive rights to your weekly podcast, a podcaster legal package is a huge help 🤩. By outlining your exact terms, you provide an extra piece of evidence for the judge to consider in such a case.

3. You Must Ask for Permission

Let’s take this in the other direction now. Say you have a guest on your podcast. If that’s the case, you may want to consider the legalities of podcasting copyrights and permissions. For example, for podcast hosts 🗣, copyright applies to anything, including the sound of someone’s voice.

Yes, that’s right! When you interview someone or have guests on your weekly podcast or monthly podcast, you need their permission to use their voice. That makes your podcast legal. 

It may seem unnecessary (after all, your guest knows they’ll be on your podcast!). However, there is a good reason for this. Pretend you’ve agreed 🤝 to appear on a set of legal podcasts, for instance. The podcast editors can’t make any edits to your performance unless you have agreed to those terms in your contract and received proper notice 📝.

That way, you don’t end up sounding like you’re staying something you didn’t mean.  Lawsuits ⚖️ do sometimes arise because of “implied” consent based on legal principles. This is why a podcast guest release and other forms of application to podcasts law are so important. 

4. You Need It in Writing

You’ve probably heard this saying before—it applies to so many parts of life. Similarly, when dealing with the legalities of podcasting, it’s best to have written permission to use any copyrighted content in your podcast (think of that podcast guest release). This helps prevent unnecessary claims and lawsuits through the use of legal podcasting.

You also want to have clear documentation 🗂 that defines ownership and roles to avoid disputes from any legal teams. This podcasting context also applies if you work with advertisers or sponsors for a given podcast movement. To make your podcast legal, you have to cover all your bases. 

Do You Need Help with Your Podcaster Legal Package?

Many people seem to forget the easy stuff when it comes to podcaster legal packages. After all, they’d rather focus 🧐 on recording their monthly podcast or reveling in the podcast movement! However, you have to cover your legal side as well for every piece of music, copyright term, and compulsory license involved in your podcast. You also need an actual agreement 🤝🏼 your guests can sign, and the easiest way to create all this is with the help of a business attorney.

Do you need help with this? You’re not alone! At Ian Corzine, we offer prefabricated customizable contracts, as this podcast guest release. We can also offer legal advice and help you create the perfect podcaster legal package. To get started, just book a consultancy service with us here! And don’t forget to check out our podcast!