The Twitch Affiliate Agreement: A Lawyer’s Perspective

If you’re an 👍 influencer, you may already know that the popular streaming platform Twitch is getting into the influencer game. Twitch is famous for its involvement with video game play streaming, and its most popular streamers get millions of views. To capitalize on that, Twitch has established a method for streamers entering the platform to monetize their content through Twitch’s Affiliate Agreement.

Once fully integrated into the program, streamers are granted the opportunity to a number of perks. They can accept bits for tips, use emotes (emoticons used exclusively on Twitch) on their channel, offer levels of subscription to their viewers, and earn money from game sales, for instance. This can be a great way to add more income 💵 as an influencer.

The Twitch Affiliate Agreement is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a good following and you decide to join Twitch’s affiliate program, you can level up by becoming a Twitch Affiliate and eventually a Twitch Partner. By becoming an Affiliate, you get more opportunities for monetization than other streamers. However, Twitch Partners naturally get the largest access to a range of features. Here’s what we know about the Twitch Affiliate Agreement and how it works.

What Is Twitch’s Affiliate Agreement?

Twitch’s Affiliate Agreement is essentially an opportunity for popular streamers to benefit from using and promoting the platform. The program is run by Twitch Interactive and its affiliates, and if you want to join, you have to agree to their terms.  

Remember not to just accept these terms and forget about it. By accepting the agreement’s terms and conditions, you enter into a legal contract with the streaming company. However, this agreement does not take effect until you meet the eligibility requirements set by Twitch Interactive (more on that in the next section). Once you meet the company’s eligibility and compliance requirements, the agreement takes effect.

Not every entering streamer can apply for this program. Instead, once you meet the various requirements set by Twitch, the company sends ✉️ you an invitation to become an affiliate. You can then sign up to get paid by the program.

Be aware that Twitch can kick you out if any violations occur. Twitch reserves the right to withhold any fees owed to you from the program. You’ll then have to go through a process with the company to clear up the violation; this can include verifying your identity. 

Twitch’s Eligibility Requirements

Here are the eligibility requirements to join the Twitch Affiliate Program: 

  • At least 50 📈 followers
  • A minimum of 8.3 hours streamed in the last month
  • A minimum of 7 different stream days in the last month
  • An average amount of 3 viewers during a stream within the last month

There is no time constraint on the follower requirement. You’ll have to meet the rest of the requirements within a month for Twitch to send you an invite. 

In some cases, streamers can receive an invitation for Twitch within two weeks. However, Twitch delivers these invitations on a rolling basis. This means that some streamers may experience a delay before receiving an invitation even if they meet the requirements. If you think you qualify but haven’t heard anything, you can try reaching out to the platform on social media.

Crucial Aspects of the Twitch Affiliate Agreement

As an influencer, you want to make sure you’re getting paid but also that social media platforms don’t stomp on your rights. Here’s what Twitch wants you to agree with to be part of the Twitch Affiliate Program.

Access: Streamers need to agree to the platform having exclusive access 📺 to their live-streamed content for precisely one day after the stream. This prevents any simultaneous casts across multiple services, so if you’re used to going live across multiple platforms, you should pay attention to this. You’ll have to wait to upload content to another platform for a full 24 hours.

Payments: At the end of each month, the platform will evaluate your account balance. If you have made more than the platform’s earning minimum of $100, Twitch will begin the process of paying out by the 15th of the month. The whole process takes around three to five working days, and you can choose your method of payment. 

Dormant Channels: Twitch doesn’t like channels with no activity. It handles EU and non-EU countries separately. For non-EU residents, if you have shown no activity on your channel for more than a year, then Twitch may remove you from its affiliate program. If this happens, your account and pending earnings vanish. So if you need to take a break, make sure to continue to use Twitch occasionally to avoid this scenario. 

If you’re an EU resident and have no channel activity for over a year, or you haven’t earned at least $100 from the platform in that time, you get a warning first. Twitch may give you seven days’ notice before closing down the channel and ending your affiliate agreement. They may deduct a service fee 😓 for this from your earnings and transfer the remainder to you before closure.

Assistance with Twitch’s Affiliate Agreement

The Twitch Affiliate Agreement highlights all the terms and conditions you need to agree to for Twitch to make you an affiliate. You will need to meet the platform’s requirements to become an affiliate, and even then, you have to decide if the terms are right for your brand. If you do decide to comply, make sure to be active on your channel once you qualify.

If for any reason you feel that Twitch or another social media platform has 🤔taken advantage of you, then you should speak to an attorney. A social media attorney will be able to assess your situation and provide the best legal guidance for your case. Contact us today to get started.