The YouTuber Legal Starter Package: A Must for Successful YouTubers

If you have a client in the real world 🌎, you’d meet with them, shake their hand 🤝, make eye contact, and have them sign a contract. And guess what? Laws rule the virtual world the same way they rule the physical world. That’s why you need a YouTuber legal starter package to make your YouTube business legit 💪!

YouTube is one of the most user-friendly and successful channels online. To enjoy YouTube channel features to its maximum as a content creator, you need to gather enough information on the YouTuber legal starter package. What does this agreement mean, and how does it affect your growth as a YouTuber? Find out in this article 👀! 

Who Is a YouTuber?

If you have a successful YouTube channel, please skip this section! However, if you’re a business owner considering hiring a YouTuber, this is an important section for you. It gives you an idea 💡 of what a YouTuber does and what they can offer your business.

YouTube has become one of the top search engines, with a robust and successful advertisement rate. The platform’s exponential growth 📈 is only possible with many users engaging every day, and that only happens because of YouTubers with a high subscriber count.

A YouTuber makes high-quality video content and, if successful, attracts an active community of fans 🤳. People interested in the YouTuber’s content comment and engage in social media posts.

What Do YouTubers Do?

Contrary to what some may believe, YouTube is not just an entertainment platform! Content could be as simple as showing the audience your hobbies, including gaming, beauty, lifestyle, comedy, tutorials, cooking, 🍲, and the like.

Some content creators choose to be more deliberate about their YouTube channel with a specific goal and target 🎯. Many successful channels are educational, with high-quality content and creators who are very skilled at editing videos. Many YouTubers generate a larger audience by reposting YouTube links and video thumbnails on other social media accounts.

Hallmarks of a Good YouTube Channel

As a business owner, you may seek 🧐 a business relationship with successful channels that display the following:

  • A good channel icon and channel banner
  • A channel description relevant to your target market
  • High-quality video content published regularly
  • A large audience comprised of real accounts with good engagement (rather than spam accounts)

YouTube for Marketing

Many brands use top social media influencers to help promote themselves. For instance, as a part of a digital marketing team, a YouTuber can help a business reach a large subscriber base and identify its expectations for potential customers 🤩. A good YouTuber can also divulge a brand’s payment method, product application, delivery mode, and other relevant information via a relevant product or service review video. 

Naturally, there’s a lot that goes into this type of advertising campaign 🤔. That’s where a YouTube legal starter package comes in!

The YouTuber Legal Starter Package

A YouTube starter package contains everything you need to legally ⚖️ document a deal between brands and YouTube influencers. This can include several components depending on the nature of your YouTube marketing and the product or service. You might include:

  • Legal business information, such as your YouTube channel’s legal business status, tax ID number, and other pertinent information
  • An NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
  • A liability waiver

However, the keystone 🗝 portion of your YouTube legal starter package is your YouTube collaboration agreement. A YouTube collaboration agreement contains all the main details of the business relationship between a video content maker and their client. Whether you’re a top YouTube creator or are just starting to make video content, this is an absolute must. 

The YouTube Collaboration Agreement

What should your YouTube collaboration agreement contain? It depends! The elements vary with the duration and frequency of collaboration; either it is a one-off contract, or the creator will run it on different social media accounts 👩‍💻. Many agreements highlight the popular elements listed below.

Length of campaign

Brand and influencers need to decide on the duration of promoting a particular product or service. The parties should also agree if the influencer can post other brands during the campaign period or not.

Creative director

Sometimes, an influencer is simply supposed to repost brand-created content and generate traffic. However, the brand may also want a YouTube channel to make content including its service or product. In the latter case, the YouTuber would be in charge of the content idea while presenting it to the brand for approval 👍. You need to know which camp you’re in!

Video or image specifications

What if the brand wants influencers to use specific video clips or images? For example, if you are compiling videos, you and the brand should decide how to use the required content. For instance, if the brand gives the YouTuber an image, can the YouTuber change the image in any way?

Incorporating copy points

Copy points are keywords a brand wants to include in the content. Both parties should decide how to use this to sharpen their social blade using this tool. For example, if the client wants all social media campaigns to include certain copy points in video titles, they must specify this in the YouTube collab agreement.

Goal per video

Brands should state the expected goal per video 📹 from every influencer’s post. Will this require deadlines or reviews? Does the YouTuber need to hit a specific number of video views? 

Payment details

Both parties have to agree on the payment method 💰 for running ads on the YouTube channel. For instance, will the business owner separate payments into milestones? How and when will the client pay the YouTuber?

Ownership and licensing

Influencer and brands need to decide if a third party can use any part of the content, including the channel description.

To learn more about this contract, check out our article dedicated to the YouTube collaboration agreement.

Get Help with Your YouTuber Legal Starter Package

Running a YouTube channel is serious 🙎 business! Content creators put in a lot of work, from creating a compelling channel trailer to commissioning channel art and finding a dedicated customer base. A YouTube legal starter package helps make sure they can make the most of their platform by partnering with brands. 

Do you need a professional legal practitioner to draft a customized YouTube collaboration agreement or YouTube legal starter package for you? Contact us today for expert help, and don’t forget to check out our other blog posts!