TikTok Influencer Legal Starter Package: Everything You Need to Know

If it wasn’t for social media influencers, the world would be a totally different place! In the last few years, social media popularity has grown a lot, and influencer marketing has made grown right along with it 📈. TikTok is one such social media platform, and you need a TikTok influencer legal starter package to make the most of it as an influencer. 

TikTok reaches millions of users that make up its target audience 🤗. If you want to work as a TikTok influencer and partner with a brand,  a TikTok influencer legal starter package can help! With the right one, you can avoid any legal issues 🧑‍⚖️ and focus on doing your best work. Here’s what you need to do. 

Why Make a TikTok Influencer Starter Package?

Your TikTok influencer legal starter package is meant to make everything easier 👌. With the right package, both the brand and the influencer know what they want from each other and what they can give each other in the partnership 🤝.

One of the main components of your TikTok influencer legal starter package is your influencer agreement. While the other components of a starter package vary, this one is a must for every influencer.

If you’re getting a contract from the brand, make sure to go over the document carefully 👓 and check for the important aspects. If it’s not there or has some included components, then it’s not advised to go through with the agreement. You can also prepare your own TikTok influencer legal starter package so you know you’re protected. 

What Information Does a TikTok Influencer Legal Starter Package Include? 

Don’t forget ❗️❗️ to include the following information in your contract (the key component of your package)!

Type of Content 

What type of content will you post on TikTok US or international 🌎? What does the brand want you to do in your videos on the social media app? A well-written agreement ✒️ normally specifies all this. It can show that you’ll post content that relates to the brand’s following across their social networks and guarantee a degree of content quality, for example.

This section can also outline creative control. That way, you’ll know if the brand will provide approved content or if you’ll be making your own stuff as usual. This will mitigate any content concerns from the brand. 

Influencer’s Platforms 

A TikTok influencer legal starter package isn’t always restricted to one platform. If an influencer has a large following 🤩 on another platform, the brand can ask them to post the user-generated content on those accounts too. For example, TikTok dance routines often make their way onto Instagram too. 

Posting Frequency

Both parties need to agree on the frequency of posting or frequency of content creation by the content freelancer. You can even include a schedule 📅 for your posting. That way, everyone knows what to expect.

Payment Schedule

In any sort of legal agreement, you must discuss payment 💰. An influencer receives payment based on the number of posts. Such posts could include:

  • Music video
  • Lip-sync videos
  • Viral videos
  • 15-second videos
  • Any other user content 

If you have a flat fee, the brand may pay in advance and the influencer will agree 👍 to post user-generated content on their social media page. However, social media influencers can receive payment 💵 based on:

  • Commission (from tracked and generated sales)
  • Free products and services from the brand they’ve partnered with

Make sure you consider what would be best for you based on your social media channels’ reach before making an agreement. 

Agreement Exclusivity

A legal starter package needs to request exclusivity between the parent company or brand and the influencer. This means that the brand needs to request for the influencer’s exclusive services for as long as their agreement lasts ⏱ and a little while after termination.


Termination ❌ of the partnership is an important factor and needs elaboration in your agreement. You can include what will happen if either party chooses to end the relationship or fails 👎 to meet their part of the agreement (for example, if you don’t get paid). 

Other Components of the TikTok Influencer Legal Starter Package

In addition to your influencer agreement, you may also want to include other legal ⚖️ documents or agreements. For example, if your brand partner offers a product with inherent risks (like workout equipment), you may want to outline their liability. In another example, you may want to ask 🗣 the brand to sign a waiver showing that they understand that you do not agree to a non-compete arrangement

Another important consideration is proving your following on social platforms in your TikTok influencer legal starter package. Just because someone has a large following doesn’t necessarily make them a TikTok influencer. Some people have found ways to increase their following by paying for it through informal means 😁. Brands, therefore, need to first check to see if they are partnering with genuine influencers that have active users. 

Generally, to discover whether someone has unreal followers, they have high engagement by leaving likes and comments and having profile photos 🤳. You can provide these numbers to a client in your legal starter package or in a separate marketing package to show that you’re the real deal. 

Do You Need Help with Your Legal Starter Package?

TikTok influencers play a big role in the advertising industry. They’ve helped many individuals and start-up businesses in the last few years 😊. If you want to start a partnership, you can get help with the relevant paperwork 🗒 from legal experts. That’s why we’re here!

To get started, just book a consultancy service with us here. We have a great team that’s committed to providing top-notch services 👌 concerning TikTok influencer legal starter packages and more. Protect yourself and your business by getting started today!