Top 3 PROVEN Ways to AVOID Instagram Music Copyright Strikes

Instagram music copyright strikes can be devastating for content creators. Even one video takedown can mean HOURS ⌛ of wasted time recording, editing, and posting to their page. 

Not to mention, repeat copyright offenders often lose access to certain features and functionality of the platform – and ultimately may lose access to their accounts forever!

While following the doctrine fair use is a great way to avoid copyright strikes, it’s not foolproof. For instance, while one legal professional may recommend using no more than 30 seconds of copyrighted content on your page, I always recommend less than five ⏱️. 

Unfortunately, these discrepancies result from a less-than-exact formula for fair use.

Therefore, in order to keep their Instagrams safe from unnecessary copyright strikes, many influencers prefer to use music 🎵 only with more concrete protections.

Fair use is a great option for many, but if you prefer to keep your account as safe as possible, consider using one of these three SAFEST methods for avoiding music copyright issues on Instagram:

1. Use your OWN 🎙️ music

While it may seem obvious, the safest way to navigate social media without acquiring copyright strikes is by only using your own content. Therefore, for any musically inclined Instagrammers, that means recording your own music and using it in your posts!

Even if your musical talent is limited to one specific instrument 🎸, that talent still provides you the opportunity to take creative license over the music in your videos. 

Furthermore, singer-songwriters often receive a lot of positive feedback for posting their own music. However, remixed covers of top pop songs are also popular!

In fact, recording 🎤 and posting cover songs is totally legal. Plus, if you use a protected service like Spotify that pay licensing sites like The Harry Fox Agency (HFA), you can even use your covers as an additional source of income! 

2. Use royalty FREE music 🎼

If you’re not musically gifted but still want to feature a couple songs on your Instagram, royalty free music is a great option. 

Royalty free music has already been licensed to you for free use. Therefore, when you use sites like Artlist, Audiojungle, and Epidemic, you can get access to royalty free music, usually for a small fee, that you can use on your social media accounts with no problems 👍!

Additionally, Creative Commons is a site that provides you licenses to music with the only requirement that you attribute the original artist in your social media post’s description. Plus, Creative Commons will outline exactly how to cite their content, so you don’t have to figure it out for yourself.

That being said, I always recommend my clients use caution ⚠️ when getting licenses from Creative Commons. Sometimes, creators will falsely claim to own the rights to a song. As a result, influencers can get into trouble by using music that was falsely licensed to them.

Luckily, by conducting a quick Google search for the song you want to use with the words “Creative Commons”, you should easily be able to determine whether the license is legitimate.

3. Use someone else’ music – WITH permission ✔️

Whether you live in a small town or Los Angeles, chances are you know a local musician or two. Asking these local artists for permission 👌 to use their content on your Instagram is a great way to legally use copyrighted music.

When pitching the idea to the artists, be sure to provide them with your follower count. At the end of the day, your relationship is a symbiotic one, as they grant you free rights to use their music and you, in return, give them free exposure!

However, always remember to get written ✍️ approval to use other people’s music. All it takes is one artist to fool you into a copyright case – so you need to have proof of the agreement!

That being said, if you’re adamant about using top hits in your Instagram posts to attract viewers, the only way to do so legally is by purchasing the rights..

Luckily, websites like FyrFly have access to songs from top artists 📻 like Ed Sheeran and Cardi B. By navigating these websites, you can search for and select the song you want to download and BAM, you have the license to use it! 

Just remember to download and keep the license 📝 they give you. This way, if you are hit with a false copyright flag for the music, you can provide Instagram with proof of licensure to keep your content alive.

Plus, note that access to sites like FyrFly usually requires a yearly subscription PLUS an additional fee 💲to download the most popular songs. As a result, purchasing licenses for hit music can get a bit pricey, so I often recommend sticking to the music included in your membership.

Typically, fair use is a safe way to post copyrighted content on your Instagram. However, keep in mind that no 🙅‍♂️ method is guaranteed to prevent copyright flags. Believe it or not, some content creators have actually been accused of copyright infringement for posting their original music!

That being said, if you’re looking for top protection from false copyright claims, always stick to one of these three methods for posting music on Instagram. Most of the time, these strategies equip you with proof of your licensure, so you can file an appeal for any unwarranted flag 🚩 and save your content.