Top 5 Elements Your Video Maker Legal Package Needs

There’s a lot of work 💻 that goes into making good videos 📹 and providing your audience with your unique creativity. However, you shouldn’t overlook the legal side of your career either. For instance, do you know what to include in your video maker legal package 🤔?

A video maker legal starter package is something all video content creators need. It helps ensure they don’t run into any unwanted lawsuits or get ripped off.  That’s why you need to be comprehensive about your professional legal package. Below, we’ve given a breakdown of what you should look out for in a professional video maker legal package 📄.

1. Company Registration

As a video maker and copyright owner, you become your own boss 😀. You have the ability and freedom to start your own business by posting and sharing online videos. As your video-making business and video content library grow, you’ll greatly benefit from having a formal registration in place. Depending on your business structure, you may need to register on the state or federal level. 

Your legal package should include your business registration information (such as your formal business name and incorporation documents) and electronic signature. This can help:

  • Prevent copyright infringement in future
  • Present you as a reputable company other businesses and larger companies will want to partner with

2. Trademark Information

Having an unregistered trademark can lead to legal issues with the copyrighted material. As a copyright owner, you don’t want to run the risk of someone else claiming ownership for your digital video transcripts through a formal copyright notice! You may even have to go through a tedious copyright law lawsuit ⚖️ with no guarantee of success.

If you want your video editing process to stand out, you need to trademark your work using an electronic signature in all additional documents. Prepping the right legal documents covering trademark for your business has a lot of benefits—it proves ownership of your work. It’s also a common practice among most online video makers for video content.

3. Privacy Policy

In any business relationship, you and your client exchange confidential information. Just think about the information you have to give out for billing to a payment 💰 processing partner, for example. A privacy policy is there to protect you and your clients.

Data breaches happen from time to time, ⚠️ even if you’re careful. Without the proper end-user license agreement to protect yourself and your clients, someone can easily make a claim and file a lawsuit against you in a case like this. They may complain against you breaching their privacy and sharing information without their consent.

It’s best to have these issues covered before they arise during the time of purchase. You can show clients beforehand what you’re doing to protect them 💪, such as:

  • Using a secure payment processor partner (like PayPal) for credit cards
  • Not storing or saving payment information for any billing period or billing cycle
  • Providing extra security measures like a one-time code or additional licenses for privacy

These can help assure your clients and make them feel more comfortable working with you as well 👌. 

4. Independent Contractor Agreement

This is the cornerstone of your professional video maker legal package! This is where you and your client will agree 👍 on all the big important terms for your working relationship, from advance payments to deadlines for video content. You may include critical information such as the following: 

  • Details about your video content (video editing software used, like Adobe Premiere Pro; whether you provide a license for music for videos; etc.)
  • Schedule for content delivery (be sure to take into account export time, upload time, etc.)
  • Subscription term if the contract pertains to an ongoing relationship
  • Billing cycle and amount (how much you will be paid in what increments, date of initial payment, a schedule for future payments, etc.)
  • Primary payment method (electronic transfer, credit card, etc.)
  • Payment cancellation terms if one or both of you decides to end the agreement early

In your legal package and end-user license agreement, it’s a good idea 💡 to have these legal documents prepped. You can then modify them according to your business needs for each individual video content contract. 

5. List of Partners (If Permitted)

Online video makers can’t always work alone. You may choose to have a business partner 🤝 to make things easier or work with a brand for financial gain.

Your video maker legal package has to include any business collaborators you may have. This might include an expert to provide music 🎧 for video editing, an administrative assistant, or the like. You might also choose to divulge your current or past clients (with their permission).

This information clearly defines the relationship between any partners. You need this to prevent 🚫 unnecessary issues down the line if your client thinks you’re flying solo. Including a list of clients can also show off your resume a bit and give clients an idea of your experience in video editing. 

Do You Need Further Help with Your Video Maker Legal Package?

Are you ready to create a legal package? You may want to hire a lawyer 👨🏼‍⚖️ to assist you with setting up a legal package for online video makers. The last thing you want is to have something overlooked in your additional documents and have unwanted lawsuits against you! That’s why our team is here to help you with all the code of practices.

This article can’t be construed as legal advice, but we do have experienced social media lawyers that can help you with setting up a professional video maker legal package! Feel free to book a consultancy service with us here to get started 💪.