TOP SECRET Social Media Hacks From a Social Media Influencer Attorney

As a social media influencer attorney, my job doesn’t just involve keeping content creators safe from hackers and copyright infringement. Believe it or not, I also work with influencers on social media strategy to help them increase their followers, likes, and comments – and make more money! 

Whether you’re interested in growing your social media business or simply want to gain some followers, here are my TOP SECRET influencer hacks I only tell my clients:

☝️ For followers and brand deals, focus on your passion

If you’re looking to make a living from brand deals on Instagram or another social media platform, a fun personality or good looks probably won’t be enough to get by. 

Instead, it’s important to focus your social media pages on your passion. Consider this: What is your niche? What makes you special? Furthermore, what motivates your followers to check up on your page or hit the “like” button? 

The more interested you are in what you post, the more interested your fans will be.

Plus, focusing on your passion is extremely helpful when it comes to securing a brand deal. 

For example, if your followers know and trust you as a top golden retriever dog walker, they’ll probably trust you when you say you’ve found the best leash for walking large dogs. This type of trust is important to brands; they want to know that your followers will purchase any product you endorse.

Therefore, whatever it is that you love to do, share it with the world! Your bank account will thank you later.

☝️ For business marketing, use Instagram Stories

If you are using Instagram for your small business, don’t underestimate the value of Instagram Stories.

According to Hootsuite’s 2020 Instagram Statistics, “One-third of the most viewed Stories are from businesses”. 

In other words, your followers want to see your business’ Instagram Stories!

Luckily, this feature provides a great opportunity for interactivity such as contests, weekly updates, and behind the scenes sneak peeks. Effectively using these strategies will keep your followers checking in and engaging with your business’ content.

Give your top fans shout outs and glimpses into some of the more “personal” parts of business, like design creation or brainstorm sessions. The more included your followers feel, the more they’ll want to continue being a part of your brand.

☝️ For fashion stars, protect your designs with copyright

If your main niche is fashion, your followers probably love getting glimpses into your creative mind with sketches and product ideas. However, any time you share creative content, it’s super important that you do everything in your power to protect it from copycats! 

Keep in mind that sketches, graphic designs, and textile designs are protected by copyright law. On the other hand, cut and color are not.

Anytime you are considering posting a copyright-eligible design on social media, you may want to legally register it beforehand. This way, if any of your creative ideas are stolen, you can sue for damages and attorney fees.

Finally, if you have designed a super innovative color or cut that you’d like to protect, consider trademarks or patents instead.

☝️ For YouTube subscribers, consider partnering with MCNs

MCNs, or multi-channel networks, can greatly benefit your YouTube channel. However, they could also destroy it. Therefore, I always recommend any YouTuber looking to partner with an MCN consult a social media influencer attorney to ensure their safety and the safety of their brand. Furthermore, I encourage my clients to look into affiliate arrangements with MCNs in order to retain ownership of their channels.

That being said, MCNs are a great option for anyone looking to increase their subscribers and the overall popularity of their channel. 

Usually, partnering with an MCN means help with advertising, promotion, brand deals, and even graphic design! Plus, MCNs often provide free access to apps and websites that help YouTubers create content much more efficiently.

Unfortunately, the downsides of MCNs often include long contracts and added pressure to perform. Therefore, you should always hire a social media attorney to review any contracts before you sign them, as sometimes it can be hard to tell what’s really in the fine print.

☝️ For musicians, learn how to get PAID for cover songs

Not every musician is a songwriter, and sometimes you just want to share your rendition of your favorite song with the world!

Plus, as artists like Justin Bieber have proven, posting song covers online can be a great way to break into the industry.

However, it’s important to protect yourself from copyright infringement charges at all times, and covering songs is no exception.

Luckily, adding your cover to Spotify and other music streaming sites immediately grants you license to the song. On the other hand, if you’re going to try to sell your cover on iTunes or in any other physical or digital manner, you must obtain a mechanical license from a site such as The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) or Easy Song Licensing

Furthermore, remember to get an ISRC, or International Standard Recording Code, from an official provider in order to legally differentiate your cover from the original song as well as any other renditions out there.

Ultimately, whether you’re a Twitch livestream gamer or an Instagram beauty influencer, consulting a social media attorney is a great way to protect yourself from legal issues and learn some insider tips on making money and gaining followers.