Turn Your Business Communications Into Social Media Content – EASY!

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Repurposing ♻️ old content for social media posts is an effective way to save money 💰 and engage followers.

However, did you know that this content reuse could also apply to your internal business communications?

Sharing your internal information – whether it was originally communicated via flyers, emails, or videos 📹 – can help maintain transparency between your business and your consumers. 

Eventually, consistent transparency increases 📈 brand trust. 

Here are some easy ways to turn internal business communications into marketing material:

✔️ Use training documents and videos

Believe it or not, all of the content you use to train new employees can double as useful legal marketing tools!

Training content almost always provides an overarching description of your brand as well as the business’ values, because its original use is to educate 📓 employees on those exact matters.

Task your marketing team with repurposing these videos for use on Instagram, YouTube 📺, and other social media platforms for a quick, inexpensive informational video for potential consumers.

✔️ Share employee photos 📸 (with their consent, of course)

Those photos of smiling, engaged employees that attract new applicants and increase office morale 👍 will have a similar effect on consumers.

Obtain consent from employees to share their pictures, especially if they’re shown enjoying the business’ product or service; nothing proves customer satisfaction more than satisfied employees.

✔️ Support local causes

Team volunteering is a great way to boost employee morale while helping your local community.

Similarly, sharing photos or first-hand accounts ✍️ of a volunteer initiative on social media easily communicates your business’ dedication to service and improves overall brand image.

Overall, internal communications should foster the pride employees feel in their work, so reposting them to social media should have a similar effect on consumers, ultimately attracting them to your business.