Twitch Giveaway Rules (Terms and Conditions for Running Contests on Stream)

Are you a Twitch streamer? If you are, you might want to know that Twitch streamers can benefit significantly from running Twitch giveaways. You can increase your audience size and acquire loyal subscribers by offering the occasional freebie. 

To ensure the effectiveness of the entire process, Twitch has some giveaway rules you’ll need to follow. By studying these rules, contest organizers can develop a proper plan for running their twitch giveaway legally.

Of course, you must carry out all giveaways and contests according to the law. Twitch is an American company. Therefore, its users have to adhere to the laws at the state and federal government levels 😱. Every streamer (including you!) must get to know the pitfalls so that their giveaways can meet the required standards and garner the followers and views they’re hoping for.

Twitch Giveaway Official Rules

Before you think of hosting any giveaway on your platform, you need to familiarize yourself with official rules from Twitch. Failure to observe these rules attracts a penalty of up to $2,000,000 ⚠. That’s definitely something you want to avoid!

The official rules include the following:

  • Don’t ask participants to make any purchases in form of cash, time, or anything of value
  • Items such as tobacco, alcohol, and gasoline ⛽ should not be part of the prizes for your giveaway
  • Ensure that all your participants get to know the official rules regarding Twitch giveaways. You need to make this available. Be sure to outline the requirements that one must satisfy to become a winner.
  • As a main sponsor for the giveaway, you must ensure that all winners receive their prizes. Yes, that applies even if vendors, suppliers, or stakeholders fail to deliver their promises for the contest. Try as hard as possible to reward 🎁 your winners. Failure to comply with this rule may attract legal consequences.
  • Finally, you need to adhere to certain aspects of your giveaway. Follow your set timeline, be fair in determining the winner, and ensure transparency when issuing out the prizes.

Twitch Giveaway Rules from California and the Federal Government

You already know that Twitch giveaways provide a good platform for entertaining your viewers and rewarding loyal audiences. However, it is also critical to know the state and federal government rules. When you run your Twitch giveaway based on California laws, your channel becomes more valuable and respected by viewers 👏. 

The following is a combination of Twitch giveaway rules from California and the federal government. They direct how you should carry out your Twitch contest.

  • Outline to your participants every legal aspect related to the giveaway, including state and federal laws.
  • Ensure all the giveaways you run align to Twitch’s terms of service 👌.
  • Indicate to your participant the giveaway guidelines and how one may get disqualified.
  • Take full responsibility for your giveaway, even when third parties are involved.
  • Run your giveaway accordingly and award prizes 🎀 to winners based on the guidelines you already defined.
  • Remind your participants that Twitch sponsors aren’t endorsing your giveaway. Instead, all liabilities are on your company.
  • Assure the participants about the safety of their data by outlining the legal privacy policy from Twitch regarding data protection.

Ways to Filter Out Twitch Giveaway Participants

Normally, you may want to exclude 😇 some participants from your giveaway. Not everyone who wants to partake in the giveaway is a loyal customer. Some only want to enjoy the free stuff you are giving out! Therefore, you must develop ways to ensure such individuals are not part of your giveaway 😡. 

However, charging an entry fee is against the law, so you have to avoid that. Instead, to filter out these individuals, you can try out the following suggestions:

  • Require anyone who wans to be part of your Twitch giveaway to join a chat with you and also follow your channel. Since it’s always difficult for non-serious individuals to follow such instructions, you will filter them out easily.
  • Gauge users based on the amount of time ⏱ they spend on your channel. Uninterested users will always spend the least time, so you can filter them out this way.
  • Create an attention widget on your channel to track down users who pay attention and those who don’t. The most attentive users can get a chance to partake in the giveaway.


To ensure the success of your Twitch giveaway, adhere to all the stipulated guidelines in this article. That way, you’ll be able to connect to more viewers 👨 and develop loyal audiences. Your Twitch giveaway can then serve its rightful objective. We know you want to increase the popularity of your channel among its potential viewers and followers!

If you need further guidance ✍ regarding Twitch giveaway rules and how to create one, reach out to us today. We have a team of professionals conversant with running Twitch giveaways who will be of great help to you 💪. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!