Twitter Giveaway Rules and Steps Every Influencer Should Know

What typically comes to your mind when you think about giveaways? It may very well be social media and influencers. Social media platforms play a huge role in this marketing and promotion technique. That’s why, if you’re an influencer, you’ll want to brush up on your knowledge of Twitter giveaway rules. 

In January 2021 alone, 69.3 million active users were on the platform in the United States, the highest number of users in the world. This microblogging platform is proving daily to be important for businesses in driving up sales of their products and drawing more attention to their services. So, in this article📖, we examine the concept of the Twitter giveaway. We’ll enlighten you on the cogent Twitter giveaway rules, including contest rules and entry requirements, and how to apply them. But first, let us define the basic concepts of this topic: the giveaway itself. 

What Is a Giveaway?

Have you ever won anything on the internet or social media just by performing a task or following some simple instructions🤨? That is a giveaway🤩! Basically, a giveaway is a business strategy that combines the techniques of contests and sweepstakes. It drives brand awareness and sales while making the product more visible👀 to their target audience.

The only difference between a social media contest and a sweepstake is the method of choosing winners ✅. Some contest types require the participants to do something and choose the winners based on performance. A sweepstake, on the other hand, just requires the participants to join the campaign and adhere to the rules. The winners are chosen randomly, no merit required! 

Since most consumers are happy to receive something at no cost, the giveaway concept can be very useful in promoting a brand or product. Social media especially, including Twitter, plays a very important role in this promotional technique. 

How Do I Run a Twitter Giveaway?

Organizing a giveaway on Twitter can give your business the premium visibility it needs to grow and sell out. Twitter giveaways help to put your products and services in the face of prospective customers directly or indirectly. As one of the largest social platforms for businesses, service agencies, and brands, Twitter is a go-to platform for giveaways.

So, how do you run an effective and successful giveaway for your brand on Twitter? Just follow these simple steps.

1. Set Giveaway Objectives 

When running a Twitter giveaway contest or sweepstake, the first step to take is to carefully define what you want to achieve with it. Are you organizing this giveaway to gain awareness for your brand or drive traffic to your brand website? Is it to increase engagement or promote sales? Clearly stipulating this can help you come up with brilliant contest ideas.

2. Decide Giveaway Prize

Making a prize draw can be tricky. You don’t want a prize that will break your brand’s pocket, but you also don’t want a prize that won’t catch your target audience’s attention. One technique you can apply when deciding on a captivating contest or sweepstake prize is to pick something that is relevant to your target audience. Offering one of your products or one of the services you render as the prize awarded never fails! You can also collaborate with a brand or sponsor to provide a cool giveaway prize.

3. Create Giveaway Tweet

Writing your giveaway tweet should be easy. You just have to add some important bits to make it appealing and captivating enough. Employ the use of attention-grabbing words like “win,” “prizes,” and “giveaway” to draw your target audience and giveaway recipients to your tweet.

4. Draw Up Terms and Conditions

Stipulating the terms and conditions for your giveaway gives your target audience the instructions on what to do to be eligible and what to do to win for clarification purposes. It also familiarizes them with the rules of the giveaway as well as Twitter rules concerning promotions in the form of sweepstakes and contests.

Your T&Cs should also include:

  • Information on the prize
  • Requirements for entry
  • Commencement time and date
  • Giveaway tasks or actions
  • Sweepstake or contest entry rules
  • ow you’ll choose the winner
  • Any additional requirements

5. Draw Attention to Your Giveaway

The moment your giveaway contest or sweepstake starts running, you have a responsibility of getting as many people as possible to participate in it. The more people you have participating, the more sweepstake or contest engagement and the farther your audience reaches🌎! Grabbing the attention of prospective clients and customers is the whole point, so do everything you can here. 

6. Pick Your Winner and Communicate the Winner to Your Audience

The last step to take is to pick the winner(s) of your giveaway. This is one of the most important moments in running a giveaway. As stated earlier, how a winner is chosen in a sweepstake is different from that of a contest. You need to use the applicable method for the type of giveaway you are running to pick your winner.

It is important to let your audience as well as the sweepstake or contest entrants know who you have picked as the prize recipient. This signifies the end of the giveaway. Don’t forget to inform the winner via private message as well. 

Following Twitter Giveaway Rules

It is important that you run your giveaway in strict adherence to rules and regulations concerning guidelines for promotions on Twitter. The best way to do this is to first get familiar with Twitter’s giveaway rules and starting your own giveaway based on those rules and guidelines. For example, Twitter frowns at the usage of additional accounts by the same person to apply for giveaways.

Create Your Brand’s Giveaway

Now that you know how to organize and run your own giveaway, you will admit that it is not such a hard thing to do if you follow Twitter giveaway rules. Making more sales and creating more awareness for your brand and products just got very easy🤩!

You shouldn’t mistake this article for legal advice. If, however, you need some actual legal advice concerning giveaways and how to go about it on Twitter, we can help you with that. All you have to do is to reach out and book a consultation with our legal team of experts today💪🏿! We look forward to helping you craft a safe and legal Twitter giveaway for your brand.