Vegas Rules!!!

We all know the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” — but does it really???

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Do you know that Las Vegas has rules? Do you know what those rules are?

Here are 8 rules you NEED TO KNOW for your next visit to Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Drinking alcoholic drinks in public is OKAY.

a. However, you cannot buy an alcoholic closed container and drink it while still in the establishment. You need to exit the establishment, proceed 1000 feet, and then open your drink.

b. If the drink is open, such as in a cup, then you can drink it anywhere.

2. Use of Marijuana is LEGAL.

a. However, it is prohibited in most places.

3. Las Vegas police DO NOT care about car accidents

a. They will only come for substantial injury accidents

b. Police will only come out if you request them to

c. You can call your rental company or insurance company and have them send out an investigator

4. Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Vegas

5. Dogs ARE NOT allowed to be walked after Lunch.

a. You can only walk them from 5:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

6. Don’t feed the pigeons.

a. Pigeons are a protected species

7. Hula Hoops – (Really? Yes!) Watch my video for the rules about Hula Hoops, and

8. For #8, watch my video for the last rule. It’s quite HILARIOUS. 😊