What is a Social Media Law Firm and How Can One Help You?


Content creators may seem to have it easy, but we know the truth – there are a LOT of legal intricacies to social media. Luckily, for any influencers having trouble, social media law firms are here to help. 

The technological and legal fields have been slowly merging for decades. However, within the past few years, creators have also begun identifying their growing need for legal support for their social media pages.

As a result, law firms have started specializing in social media to address the industry’s professionals’ legal concerns.

More specifically, social media law firms focus on a plethora of topics including intellectual property and copyright, privacy and data protection, advertising and marketing, compliance, small business law, contract negotiation, and even social media strategy! 

Check out below for some specific examples of social media law firms’ work and to learn how you can benefit from working with one:

✳️ Intellectual property and copyright

As a content creator, the videos, pictures, songs, or blogs that you post are the backbone of your business. Therefore, it’s imperative that you protect 🛡️ them from copyright infringement in every way possible.

Social media law firms are here to help you protect your content with trademark and copyright registration assistance. Plus, they can help you locate and identify stolen property and follow the legal requirements to file a copyright takedown or legal action. 

Additionally, a social media lawyer can educate you and evaluate your material to ensure it follows the doctrine of fair use. In fact, you’d be surprised 😨 at just how many influencers’ videos are accidentally infringing upon other creators’ copyrights! 

Sometimes, something as simple as reposting can be in violation of the fair use doctrine, so seeking advice from a social media law firm is always a good idea.

✳️ Privacy and compliance

When you’re an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, not only is your privacy important, but so is that of your fans.

Unfortunately, many content creators are unaware of the privacy breaches on their websites – especially because they never agreed to them! For example, many websites 💻 collect data via cookies while others leave you susceptible to data breaches. 

Luckily, social media law firms can take a closer look at your social media accounts and website to ensure complete safety on your end as well as your visitors’.

Furthermore, social media law firms are up to date on all of the most recent social media and technological compliance laws. 

Therefore, these firms will take a look at websites’ Terms and Conditions as well as advertising disclaimers 📝 to ensure that all language is in compliance with the platform’s regulations.

If you are a part of a brand deal and feature products in your posts or videos, get in touch with a social media law firm today to protect yourself from liabilities and legal penalties – it could save you your career.

✳️ Small business law

Even if your content creation started as a side gig or hobby, once you’ve gained enough followers to call yourself an influencer, it’s time to consider yourself a small business.

Whether you’re looking to form a business under your name or enter into an official partnership 🤝 with someone else, chances are you could use some legal guidance.

Social media law firms will work with you every step of the way to help you turn your influencer business into an LLC or other legal entity. 

Furthermore, a social media lawyer can also provide insight into strategic options such as brand deals and marketing plans to grow your business and increase revenue 📈. 

✳️ Brand deals and contract negotiation

If you’ve never entered into a brand deal, navigating a contract negotiation on your own is probably not the best idea.

Sometimes, the opportunity to work with a brand you love can be overwhelming; in these situations, it’s in your best interest to consult a social media lawyer. They can teach you negotiation tactics 💬 and ensure you’re getting the most out of your deal. 

Furthermore, social media law firms can help you assess risk associated with any product you’ve agreed to feature in your posts. For example, they may discourage you from working with certain types of brands if they foresee any risk of endangering or misleading your followers. Ultimately, a social media law firm’s first priority is your legal safety and security 🔐.

Therefore, if you are an influencer who has dedicated a large sum of time and money into your social media presence, social media law firms are here to help. We don’t want to see you throw away your hard work on legal fees and penalties – call for a consultation today!