What Is Immersed?

One surprising outcome of the COVID pandemic 😱? We learned that a lot of what we do in an office can be done at home with a good internet connection and a laptop. The downside for a few of us is that the extra freedom can affect productivity. After all, it’s hard to avoid the siren song 🚑 of TV (or dirty laundry). Of all things, virtual reality is here to help with the company’s Immersed. But what is Immersed exactly, and how does it work? 

Immersed hopes to change the way people handle work and productivity at home 🏠. Let’s take a look at what Immersed is and what the company is doing for the world.

What Is Immersed, Anyway?

You probably associate VR mostly with online universes like Decentraland or games like Resident Evil 🧟‍♀️. Immersed takes the VR experience and flips it completely, using VR technology to put the user in a simulated work environment instead of fantasy land.

Now, to a lot of people, this may sound ridiculous or unnecessary. But for some, this is the game changer they were looking for since 2020 🎮. When the COVID pandemic hit, a lot of us were stuck at home working remotely. Some personality types had no problem focusing on customer service requests or bolstering their product knowledge from home. However, others ended up using the freedom to sleep in, binge a few episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix, play some video games 🎮, and maybe even just chill out on the couch. For those people, that office environment is what sparked that productivity. That’s what Immersed came up with its business plan. 

The company claims to love the idea that people may live and work from anywhere in the world, independent of actual offices, real estate, and travel experiences ✈️. Immersed, which has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, wants to keep developing new tools and technologies to that end. Its mission is to remove obstacles to remote work and collaboration, increasing overall work productivity, efficiency, and user pleasure for users around the globe.

How Immersed Works

Whether you work at a family business or need a huge platform for enterprise purposes, Immersed gives you an interactive experience to put you in that office-type environment that they need. Using VR technology, allows you to put yourself in front of a virtual screen that has access to your desktop 🖥 so you can work in the best setting possible. It comes with a lot of great features that give you an outstanding experience within its space.

The Immersed team really went out of their way to try to create amazing products. The platform starts off like any VR game; you’ll need to sign up first ✍️ with an email address and other personal information, then start with your customization. You can set up your avatar, then the fun bit begins of creating your ideal virtual workspace.

Immersed’s Office Features

The platform enables individuals to work independently by giving them all kinds of resources like the ones they’d get in a swanky office. This includes private workstations to focus on their job without interruptions, up to five extra screens with virtual capabilities without the need for additional hardware, and complete portability between wireless and mobile devices 📱.

The remote collaboration tools included with Immersed include:

  • Telepresence with up to four coworkers
  • Sharing screens
  • Interactive touch experiences
  • A screen recording setting
  • Whiteboards for group brainstorming.

Virtual coworkers can access and broadcast virtual displays from Mac and PC laptops 🖥, iPhones, iPads, and Linux workstations that are plugged in physically. Additionally, it works with Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina) and later, Windows 10 and later, Linux 16.04, and later, and there are plans to eventually support Raspberry Pi.

The company released a video on LinkedIn that pretty much covers their latest features. You can check it out here, but it pretty much covers these points:

  • Doorway Portals, combine immersive material in real-time with physical landscapes 🏔 to provide users with brief “windows” into those settings
  • Multiple-screen workflows to increase productivity and multitasking when working with teams and sharing screen content
  • Keyboard passthrough for any keyboard model ⌨️ and physical keyboard integration for the Logitech K830 and Apple Magic keyboards for use in virtual environments
  • Full passthrough features for fusing workflows with actual settings (so users can communicate with adjacent and distant coworkers)
  • Customized passthrough portals. This lets users alter backdrops and customize their workspaces in immersive settings (think of it as a sort of green screen)

What’s Next For Immersed?

Does Immersed work 🤔? Users seem to have great consumer experiences so far. Some have commended the collaboration platform as their “most important enhancement” to their virtual toolset for optimizing their production workflows. So, if you have trouble focusing 😧 on your work while at home, it might not be a bad idea for you to give it a whirl.

So, in short, Immersed is a scalable platform that changes the way a lot of us see work environments 🤩. The company takes the idea of the metaverse and brought its own unique idea to it. It’s kind of like a video game, but you end up writing reports and editing spreadsheets on it.

Now, that’s pretty crazy 😆! If you want to stay updated on the innovations in the metaverse workspace like Immersed, sign up for Ian Corzine’s newsletter today.