What Is NFT Worlds?

A digital world within our world 👩‍💻… Disney’s Tron doesn’t seem like science fiction anymore! NFT Worlds is a hot topic in gaming news, so let’s take a look at this tiny gaming platform that’s leaving big experiences for players in the gaming community.

What Is NFT Worlds? The Basics

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, you probably know players in the open-format video game 🎮 can interact and explore pixelated 3D landscapes 🏠. They explore its open landscapes in search of resources, construct buildings, amass tools, and team up with or compete against other players. That’s basically how NFT Worlds works as well. (NFT Worlds, however, makes it clear that it has no affiliation whatsoever with either Minecraft or Mojang Studios, Minecraft’s creators.)

Individual NFT Worlds within the game resemble the Minecraft maps (this makes a lot of sense, considering the core team built it using the open-source Minecraft ecosystem). Users can buy real estate 🏠 and create community gathering places, in-game experiences, mini-games…. basically, whatever Metaverse games the user can think of. Because of the project’s continuing source development, each virtual world is always changing.

NFT World’s Blockchain Roots

Similar to other metaverse-based games like Decentraland and The Sandbox, NFT Worlds enables a huge player base to amass exclusive pieces of virtual territory 😮. NFT World’s system is kept on the Ethereum blockchain, a form of ledger technology used to store crypto wallets and other web3 applications.

Speaking of cryptocurrency, let’s talk about The WRLD in-game currency 😃. This is an ERC-20 token that unlocks a sizable play-to-earn (P2E) economy, and it’s related to token transactions and interactions within NFT Worlds. In exchange for hosting experiences in their NFT World, active users can collect WRLD. In the larger existing open-source gaming ecosystems, there are other mini-games they can play to win WRLD and use for game transactions.

What Sets NFT Worlds Apart?

A few things, actually! Let’s check out a few of them here 🧐. 

Lots of Space

NFT World’s open virtual world allots 16 million x 16 million blocks for each plot using an algorithm 🤩. This makes this world’s decentralized space larger than the whole metaverse worlds of comparable projects.

The Old and the New

Because NFT Worlds is a metaverse project built on the well-known Minecraft concept, it feels very familiar, even though it’s in the metaverse. The Minecraft-style gameplay, core mechanics, and environment make the experience approachable and customizable for a large audience. It’s like slipping on a favorite sweater 🧥. 

Users can enjoy a familiar gaming experience on NFT Worlds 🎮. With straightforward world-building tools, specific in-game dynamics, and familiar game mechanics supplied by open-source Minecraft code, NFT Worlds doesn’t require you to get familiar with a whole new type of gameplay. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

NFT Worlds multiplayer helps users enjoy cross-platform compatibility. Players in the various NFT Worlds can join forces and play together whether they are using a PC 💻, a console, or a Minecraft account. Think of it as a huge multiplayer metaverse game with baseline compatibility across an enormous user volume. 

Fashion, Baby

The open-ended system NFT Worlds integrates elements of several NFT and metaverse initiatives. This contains PFP NFTs, which are automatically generated wearable in-game skins. This is a really interesting addition to any metaverse gaming project 👌.

The NFT World Ecosystem

Each NFT World’s game ecosystem has a distinct makeup made up of various combinations of the following three qualities:

Global Geography: Just think of geography details on Earth 🌍! This comprises stuff like the overall area of the planet’s land surface, its altitude, and how much of it is covered by water. In addition, it contains 46 potential environments ranging from more typical ones like a deep ocean 🌊 to more uncommon ones like badlands.

Resources: The resources provided by the game’s map creator may be familiar to gamers who have played Minecraft. Each NFT World has a unique allocation of resources from the Minecraft game, including varying amounts of lumber, oil, jewels 💍, and other game items.

Distinct Features: This includes extra stuff like poisonous bogs, wild horses 🐎, annual rainfall, celestial lights, and catacombs in certain worlds.

Players can have limitless experiences across entire metaverse worlds with these many factors! On the official website, it is said that combining rarer world qualities can benefit owners by giving them access to exclusive features, higher WRLD token staking returns, and greater visibility so that other NFT World players can locate their world more readily.

In order to create their own exclusive experiences and take advantage of the NFT Worlds player community, other blockchain technology-based gaming companies have acquired individuals to customize as they see fit. NFT Worlds. Atari, the renowned developer of arcade game content and gaming consoles, has leased a 20-parcel block of land in Decentraland to erect its own casino in the much desired Vegas City neighborhood.

Why Should You Buy Into NFT Worlds?

NFT Worlds’ similar gameplay mechanics will probably appeal to crypto gamers who also enjoy Minecraft. An NFT World gives the owner a place on the blockchain where they can explore, grow, and construct 😎 to meet their gaming preferences in a comfortable setting.

Although some people may find the idea of digital property to be abstract, NFT Worlds is also an investment opportunity. NFT Worlds’ rarity, with only 10,000 Worlds in the collection, has the potential to add value to its game plots. Owners of NFT Worlds can also design experiences and mini-games that can bring in money 🤑 from imaginative collectors in the form of WRLD, the platform’s native in-game cryptocurrency.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s the focus of content creators and the entire role-playing game metaverse becomes harder to buy into! If you want to stay on top of the trend, sign up for Ian Corzine’s newsletter as quickly as you can.