What Is the Sandbox?

Love gaming 🎮? There are quite a few virtual worlds out there at the moment where you (and Snoop Dogg—no joke) can buy game assets, build in a virtual environment, and even make some cold hard cash on the cryptocurrency exchanges. The Sandbox is one of these VR games 🥽, and its heavy emphasis on a user-generated production environment makes it a unique contender among games built with blockchain tech. So, what is the Sandbox, and how can you get in on it? Read on to find out 👀!

So, What Is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a metaverse created by Animoca Brands and based on the cryptocurrency Ethereum. It’s also a video gaming environment 🎮 based on an autonomous organization structure. Customers can create, share, and generate income 🤑 from in-world assets and video gaming experiences.

On its surface, the Sandbox is one of several decentralized blockchain games of its kind. It has a peer-to-peer gaming design and token supply, and NFTs compose almost all of the game’s possessions. That being said, the Sandbox is unique 🤩 in that it was made to interrupt the typical pc gaming market by reducing control from game publishers.

A New Take on the Gaming Industry

In a normal game, systems manage user-generated web content, and the legal rights ⚖️ of players and developers are pretty restricted. Conversely, in The Sandbox, individuals truly own and control their in-world digital assets and non-fungible tokens. Although Animoca Brands created this metaverse, they do not own the electronic properties in the game.

Animoca has created a platform that allows people, teams, and businesses to purchase as well as build in their world 🌎. Any person can buy an NFT, making them the owner of that exact object or area in The Sandbox. As long as a person 👨‍💻 has a Sandbox NFT, they’re in the game.

In addition to permitting players to possess an electronic home using network resources 🌐, The Sandbox additionally allows customers total control over their environment. This function permits a new generation of “user-generated content” that might be utilized by both the Sandbox group and also others.

Big brands are already taking notice of the unique Sandbox code. For instance, Adidas has partnered with the Sandbox to create their own Adidas-branded metaverse 🌌.

Sandbox Components

While no understanding of coding is required to take part in The Sandbox 🤯, such knowledge sure doesn’t hurt. The Sandbox’s powerful collection of tools makes it possible to create and use possessions in the burgeoning world of online games. That being said, the Sandbox has three key components you should take note of. All types of users in the Sandbox use at least one of these areas.

1. VoxEdit

VoxEdit allows users to stimulate and develop 3D objects in the metaverse. This includes people, animals 🐎, and tools among other products. These objects utilize the ERC-1155 token standard, enabling the creation of both fungible (interchangeable) and non-fungible (unique) tokens.

2. Marketplace

Users can release and market their properties in the Sandbox Marketplace after uploading them to the InterPlanetary Documents System (IPFS). If you’re interested 🧐 in the investment side of blockchain technology gaming, this is where you’ll be spending some of your time. 

3. Game Maker

The Sandbox Game Maker permits 👍 individuals to produce 3D video games for free. That’s right: game designers can work on building action-adventure games, 3D game experiences, or their own groundbreaking projects using the Game Maker. This is one of the areas that sets The Sandbox apart from its competition. 

Tokens in the Sandbox

In The Sandbox metaverse, there are six types of community tokens in circulation 🔄. To build, buy, sell, and otherwise participate in this virtual metaverse, you’ll need to use some of these. SAND token transaction volume is only going up thanks to the game’s user-friendly software and value to external developers. 

SAND Token

SAND is the Sandbox’s indigenous currency. This native token, also sometimes called the SAND coin, can be used within the Sandbox as a blanket form of currency. 

LAND Token

In The Sandbox metaverse, a LAND token is a digital item of real estate 🏡. This LAND forms the critical infrastructure of the Sandbox virtual machine. Customers can occupy LAND with video games created using Game Maker and possessions created with VoxEdit. Each LAND token complies with the ERC-721 standard and is nonfungible. Public LAND sales in the Sandbox also rely on the LAND token.


This is an NFT based upon the ERC-1155 criterion created by VoxEdit customers. Basically, anything you own that isn’t LAND—animals, frameworks, other items—falls into this category. For example, if you turn a digital plot of LAND into art galleries 🎨, each NFT artwork is connected with an ASSET token. 

GAME Token

A GAME is an interactive experience created by combining game components and virtual land. Video games have to be coupled with a LAND token to work in the Sandbox. Game Maker 🎮 permits creators to develop video games, leading to a non-fungible video game token based on the ERC-1155 criterion.

Drivers and Gems

The last two tokens—drivers and gems—are used with VoxEdit. You’ll need them to create assets in the Sandbox.

Learn about the Sandbox and More

The Sandbox is just one of the numerous iconic game companies attempting to change the dynamics in between designers, gamers, and pc gaming systems 👩‍💻. Built on the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the Sandbox, and other game studios are paving the means for a brand-new pc gaming market. In the new gamified crypto market, gamers own the items of their creative labor and also are rewarded for the significant worth that they generate for platform drivers.

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