What Makes a Great Influencer Location Agreement?

As an influencer, you probably know that videos 📹 get tons of views on social media channels! That’s why so many social media influencers make their own video content for their social channels. So, let’s say you need to shoot influencer content on private property and need some kind of official agreement with the owner. A location agreement is your go-to document 📝 for this very scenario. 

A location agreement is a kind of influencer contract that keeps both parties safe from unwanted lawsuits and prevents any miscommunication 👍. You definitely need one to record influencer content or take photos for your social platforms on someone else’s property, even if you’re doing so free of charge. Below is a guide for you on the elements that make an effective location agreement 💪.

Location Agreement Part 1: Ask For Permission

This is the meat and potatoes of all location agreements for influencer marketing. It goes without saying that if you need to record influencer content on someone’s property for your social media platforms, you need to ask them🤷. Otherwise, you’re practically trespassing and might end up in the back of a cop car 🚓!

You need to get the owner’s permission to enter and record on their property. Keep in mind the agreement needs to cover the exact location of the property 🏠, along with the recording dates and times 🗓️. You may also want to include a provision stating you can come back to do more recording if audience analysis and influencer analysis of the content is positive. 

Location Agreement Part 2: State How You’ll Use the Content

In your location agreement, you have to make it clear what you’ll use the recordings for 🤔. Are you using the content in connection to a specific project, like your influencer marketing campaigns? Will you use stills or clips of the footage? Are you creating a product review or content review? Which social media platforms are you planning on using to get the content to your target audience 🤷?

Why do you have to include all this? Basically, it helps to clarify all the details about your influencer marketing strategy with the property owner. That way, both of you are on the same page, and the property owner won’t be surprised when they see a social media post for an influencer campaign featuring their property. Any sort of miscommunication here might lead to conflict and eventually a nasty lawsuit⚖️, so it’s best to be crystal clear.

Location Agreement Part 3: Specify Who Owns The Content

Since social influencers create recordings 📹 for your own reasons, it’s obvious that you need to claim ownership of them in the location agreement. Make it totally obvious in your location agreement the content is yours to use on your influencer page, social media ads, influencer marketplaces, and social platforms as needed. Also, state that the property owner does not own the content in any way. 

Location Agreement Part 4: Describe Compensation

If you want your location agreement to be valid, you have to mention how you’re compensating the property owner. Generally, this takes the form of payment 💰. In that case, you’ll want to include the amount, which payment processing method you’ll use, and other details. 

However, there are other forms of compensation. For example, the owner of the property might want customer influence and publicity 🤩 in exchange for their participation. Many property owners allow celebrity influencers and other suitable influencers to use their property in this manner in exchange for growing their organic audience. If you’re a relevant influencer and this is what your arrangement is like, be sure to include that here along with the details (number of blog posts or social media posts required, time period for the posts, etc. marketing channels you’ll use, etc.).

Finally, the property owner might ask for a special arrangement, such as standard commission income based on audience analysis and customer influence garnered by the produced content. If this is true in your case, include all the details of your arrangement in this section, including how the commission arrangement will work. 

Location Agreement Part 5: Establish Property Ownership

Your location agreement needs to include a statement✍️ that the owner does in fact own the property you are working on. We know this sounds a bit excessive, but it has to be there🤷.

Why? Imagine someone rents a property, and they permit micro-influencers to film there when they actually don’t have the authority to do that 🚫. A rental agreement can’t protect the micro-influencers from much and can indeed lead to a lawsuit from the actual owner if their property pops up in your content. Obviously, this is something you don’t want.

Location Agreement Part 6: Create a Conflict Resolution Plan

An Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) plan is a sort of contingency plan. It comes in handy if something goes wrong, which does happen from time to time. This makes it easier for both parties to solve any issues✔️ through either mediation or binding arbitration. This can save everyone from spending a lot of time and money going to court 😕.

Keep in mind that the property owner could appeal an ADR. You might have to make a defense in court, so it’s not always guaranteed. However, including this clause in your location agreement/influencer contract greatly increases the chances of keeping your squabbles out of court. It also helps you maintain healthy long-term relationships with business contacts. 

Find The Best Help With Your Location Agreement

Now you know about some of the important categories that need to be in your location agreement 📃.  That being said, there’s a lot more you can throw in depending on your specific influencer marketing campaigns and needs. Doing a good job on this agreement can ensure you get to use your amazing video content on your influencer marketing platforms and reach potential customers. 

As with any legal agreement, we don’t recommend putting a location agreement for your influencer content together by yourself 🙈. If you are not experienced with legal documents, then you can easily forget to add something important😕. That’s why we’ve put together an effective and customizable location agreement template! It’s sure to make things a lot easier for you when you meet with property owners😊.

Want a more hands-on approach from us or need help with the legal aspects of your business? Whether you’re dealing with the Federal Trade Commission or contemplating the legality of paying for positive reviews and fake followers (!), you can book a consultation✍️ with us. Either way, struggling with location agreements is a thing of the past. Get in touch with us today 🏆!