What Should a Great Instagram Influencer Agreement Template Include?

“Get more views! Garner more sales!!📈” Every brand and business owner thinks these things. Online advertisements have helped make those dreams a reality for many, as product awareness and sales have spiked over the past few years. For influencers, who often help capture these sales, this often necessitates an Instagram influencer agreement template.

Let’s backtrack for a second. Social media platforms🤳 like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter create an avenue for sales-seeking brands to interact with an ever-present audience of consumers. The use of ads, pop-ups, and influencers has made this super effective. This branch of advertising is in bloom✨ because it is much more targeted towards a specific audience.

Instagram, one of the world’s leading social media platforms, houses over 500 thousand influencers and currently serves as a sales platform for over 71% of US businesses. Influencers (perhaps like you!) are people of high repute whose authority, position, or knowledge🧠. They have the power to influence the purchasing💵 decisions of others, and they play a major role in the success of businesses on the platform.

An influencer’s relationship with advertisers has to be cordial and mutually beneficial. This is why a great Instagram influencer agreement template🤝🏻 is of utmost importance. In this article, we’ll explore what an Instagram influencer agreement template entails and how you can find and customize the best one for you. 

What Is an Instagram Influencer Agreement Template?

 An Instagram influencer agreement is a contract that holds the necessary working terms and conditions for the two parties involved. In this case, the agreement is between an advertiser and an influencer. An “advertiser” (marketer, company, etc.) is the one who owns a brand or offers services that need to be promoted on Instagram, and the “influencer” is the one whose job is to advertise and grow a customer base.

The agreement can be between an influencer and a marketing agency or directly with the brand. Firstly, it protects the rights of both parties involved, so it’s not a step you want to skip. Secondly, in the case of a breach of contract, the document 📃 can provide the much-needed backbone for your complaints.

Trust us, issues do come up regularly. For instance, there was recently a high-profile issue between popular influencers Bethany Garcia and Ashlee Malleo and the renowned marketing agency Mediakix. The two influencers accused Mediakix of not paying them even after receiving money💰 from brands. This is one of the situations an Instagram influencer agreement template contract can help with. An influencer without such a contract in such a situation has no such concrete basis for their claims.

You may know you need an agreement but be unsure of where to start. Never fear! An Instagram influencer agreement template is a guide to what an effective contract should include. If you pick the right one and customize it well, you’ll get adequate protection of the rights of parties involved (including you!).

 Contents of A Great Instagram Influencer Agreement Template

 A standard Instagram Influencer agreement template should contain the following 📄:

  1. Information of both parties – This is usually at the top of the document and involves all information of both parties. It includes names, email addresses, residential/official addresses (if applicable), and the like.
  1. Content Requirements – This section covers the product or service you’ll promote. It includes the action required by the influencer, description of media (i.e. videos, images🖼️, music 🎵, etc.), frequency of posts, specific tags, and catchphrases.
  1. Commencement and Duration – Here, information on the time and date the contract starts. The text should detail the type of contract, the duration of the offer, and the day of termination ❌ of the contract.
  1. Social Media platforms – Most influencers have a platform like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube where the vast majority of their followers are. Some are popular on more than one platform. The advertiser should clearly state the social media platforms that the influencer needs to cover.
  1. Payment Information – This outlines the type of payment the advertiser intends to make to the influencer. It includes information on the payment form, availability of freebies/incentives🎁, and the payment schedule.
  1. Content copyright and clauses – This section contains information on content usage by both parties, the exclusivity of influencers, the confidentiality of contract terms, trademarks, and the like.
  1. Signature and date – Both parties must sign and date the contract to make it effective.

Top Harmful Errors in an Instagram Influencer Agreement Template

Errors in an Instagram Influencer agreement template can prevent catastrophe. As Benita Ezeigbo said, “In any event, an e-contract in this case, it is important to ensure that the parties are clear on the content of the final contractual terms.”

Such errors often arise from ignorance on the part of either of the parties involved; this is why the services of a competent attorney are recommended. These errors include: 

  1. Exclusivity error – This error arises when an influencer promotes a brand similar to one they are already contracted for. It arises, most times, due to omission in the contract.
  1. Confidentiality error – When the contract does not clearly state the conditions surrounding the confidentiality of agreement terms, it can lead to sensitive information being divulged to the public 👫.
  1. Licensing and Usage rights – Sometimes, the template might not clearly state agreements on content to be produced. Either party may then share content solely belonging to the other.
  1. Termination clause – This arises due to inadequate depiction of the duration of the job 💼 or the termination date on the contract. It may lead to delay in payment💵.
  1. Payment error – Improper documentation or clarification of payment forms and schedules may lead to legal issues between parties😔.

Getting the Right Instagram Influencer Agreement Template

In conclusion, an Instagram Influencer agreement template is crucial to both parties. A truly watertight contract is often only possible with legal advice from social media attorneys ⚖️. It is important that before you make any formal decisions, you consult an attorney. That way, you’re signing up for exactly what you think you’re agreeing to!