What to Include in Your Influencer Media Kit

How do you introduce your business or brand to people who’ve never heard of it before? With a media kit, you can seamlessly achieve this 🤗. It’s a quicker way to introduce yourself to prospective clients, journalists, or influencers.

So, how can you use an influencer media kit to create the first impression🤞 for your business? Although these kits may differ across businesses, their contents remain the same🤝. This article outline what things should you include in this special document and how they can help you reach your business goals 🙆.

What Is an Influencer Media Kit?

A general media kit refers to a special document 🗒 that contains vital information for your business, brand, organization, or entity. You can share this informational document with potential business partners or lenders.

This document format allows you to easily showcase your brand ☝. Think of an effective press kit as a shiny sales pitch for your business. With a good media kit, you can:

  • Attract investors to your business
  • Pitch collaborations, and 
  • Seek potential business partners

Influencer’s Format

Your downloadable media kit can exist in various formats such as a:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word document
  • Zip file

In most instances, it’s recommended that your professional media kits exist in a PDF format. Kit templates may either represent a page on your website or a portfolio of key elements used by your business or brand.

Uses for a Media Kit

In general, Media kits come in three primary forms. This intuitive tool can either be created✍ by a business, an influencer, or a non-profit organization. Let’s look at how you can use this document in various situations. 

Business to Business Pitches

Businesses can use a physical or download media kit to propose partnerships 🤝 with other businesses. Partnerships can occur through product collaboration, social media collaboration, a joint guest post, or through other tools of business intelligence. For influencers, influencer kit content makes a great way to pitch collaborative partnerships. 

Business to Investor Pitches

When starting your business project, you may need additional income 💰 to stabilize your new business. Using a media kit, you can pitch investors to provide some funding 💸 to your business. Through this kit, you can help investors understand your business analysis and trust you😇 with their funds. 

Business to Media Outlet Transactions

Businesses can approach media outlets to market their brand through feature stories and external media resources. This way, the business can reach a new audience which may transform into buyers. The media outlet can distribute a batch of images about the business such as blog post images and corporate images. High-quality brand identity images have an effective marketing strategy.  

Influencer to Business Media Kits

Experts at influencer marketing can approach businesses with a media kit. They can request a partnership between the business and their influencer marketing platform, showing relevant material like post image files, social media statistics, average post engagement rate, and compensation rates to interest clients. With a good influencer media template, these individuals can find more work and generate income from their blogs and social media channels. It’s much more effective than passing someone a business card!

Nonprofit Organization Transactions

A nonprofit organization may also use media kits to interact with others. They can request a partnership with a media publication using a media kit, for example. They may also request the integrated media platform to create awareness about their contribution to society. Finally, they may ask the news outlet to cover a general story about them 😋. 

A nonprofit organization may also use this kit to pitch to donors. They can use this document to communicate the nature of their contribution to society. They can also include why they need more funds to ensure they meet their objectives. Furthermore, adding information like a company profile, executive leadership team description, and breakdown of fund allocation can go a long way toward enticing new donors.

What to Include in a Media Kit

Wondering what to include in your media kit document 🤓? Although they are used by different organizations, most media kits have some level of similarity 😎. Ensure you include the following key aspects in your influencer media kit so it does the job you want it to. If you’re using an influencer media kit template, make sure it contains these elements.

Contact Information

How can potential business partners contact 📞 you? An effective media kit should provide your contact details such as email, company address, phone number, and social media 📲 pages. Remember to update your contact information in the media kits whenever they change. You can also update this on your social media platforms and social profiles. 

Introduction to the Company

Assume the person you’re sending an email pitch to doesn’t know anything about your company history. How will you give them your company background? Providing company milestones in your media kit and other social platforms makes introductions much simpler. 

Service or Product Information

Influencer press kit content should provide information concerning the kinds of products you sell or creative assets you offer💪. Sharing this vital information enables partners to determine whether you’re a good fit.

Broad Audience Demographics

Before partnering with another business, they need to know the audience size that your business controls. Since a target audience can easily transform into the biggest fan communities, another business may view them as potential buyers 👊.

In this kit, you can indicate information such as:

  • Follower count in a given region or marketplace
  • Average engagement rates
  • Social media statistics

In your email newsletter, you can provide testimonials from those that have used your product or service. Testimonials📝 not only indicate the legitimacy of your business, but also the efficacy of your services and the overall experience of working with you.


What accomplishments help solidify your business’ success? Ensure your influencer media kit content includes information such as your annual revenue, social media stats📈, or year-over-year growth. Having such analytics tools in your media kit and intro email can convince potential investors to work with you. 

Apart from the above six factors, a comprehensive template might also contain:

  • Press awards
  • Case studies📁 and custom reports 
  • Notable clients
  • FAQs
  • High-resolution images📹

Do You Need Help Creating a Media Kit?

An influencer media kit can’t just have a good color palette and a product sample or two. A beautiful media kit with an amazing media library also may not be enough if it doesn’t include some crucial information.

If you have questions about creating an effective and attractive media kit for your business or brand, you can consult us for document assistance 😊. We have a great team of legal professionals that can guide you in every step 🎢. So, if you’re ready to create a media kit, book an appointment with us here to get started 👊!