What’s an Influencer Agreement Checklist?

Have you noticed that many brand managers have shifted to influencer marketing campaigns in the recent past? Being an influencer is one of the finest ways to make money nowadays, huh 😇? An influencer agreement checklist can help you work effectively with clients.

And if you’re a company weighing new marketing options, you should know that an influencer does more than just a couple of sponsored social media posts. If you want your products or services to reach a wider audience, having a great influencer can put things right👌. Such individuals already have great audience control and can broaden their reach easily. 

When a company and an influencer decide to collaborate, an influencer agreement checklist can really help the process go smoothly. What’s an influencer agreement checklist, and how can you use it to create a great working relationship? Find out here!

How Influencers Can Help Brands: Selling Points

First, let’s talk about why influencers make such a powerful marketing tool. If you’re an influencer, you can use these three points to help you promote your business.

Promotion: An influencer helps market a brand partner to many potential consumers💯 in their influencer marketplaces. Since influencers share branded content regularly, they can increase the number of users visiting a brand’s website. This not only increases the brand’s website’s traffic but also bumps the chances of reaching new consumers.

Celebrity: Also, influencers become your brand ambassadors through their influencer campaigns. They act as the voice🗣 of their brand partners to the world. In this way, you can compare them to celebrity spokespeople; when people see an influencer they admire marketing your products, it makes people more likely to buy the product.

Varied Marketing: Finally, some influencers have a specific digital marketing strategy that has a great influence on their followers on various social media platforms. This varies depending on the type of influencer, but it can have a serious impact when it comes to promoting a brand. 

Now that we’ve gone over why influencers are such an effective marketing tool, let’s get to the main topic!

7 Things to Include in Your Influencer Agreement Checklist

An influencer agreement is a formal contract that outlines how a brand works with a selected social talent blogger, celebrity, or vlogger with influencer marketing goals. This agreement spells out✍ how to handle everything in the influencer marketing checklist. It also makes a great source of reference in case of conflict.

A good checklist covers every detail of the legal agreement to help you create a comprehensive agreement. Here are seven points for your influencer agreement checklist that you won’t want to miss.

1. Exact Scope of Work

After stating the legal names of the parties engaging in the influencer contract, make sure to describe what exactly the work entails. Here, you need transparency of information. You should clearly state every detail, such as what is expected of the influencer and what isn’t.

Present everything in easy language so that you have a simple influencer agreement. Remember, if a brand asks for extra work without additional pay or the influencer tries to wiggle out of certain responsibilities, this part of the document becomes very important. 

2. Contract Duration

Since an influencer branding relationship is normally temporary, you need to state the period of time⏱ the contract will last. Provide clear dates for the expiry of the contract. You also need to outline your ending objectives within this time period. Before initiating the influencer relationship, you should already know what you must achieve at the end of the contract🗒 (a certain number of promotional posts, for example). 

3. Influencer Compensation Rate

Money💰 forms the basis of the contract. The amount of monetary compensation can significantly determine the nature of services the influencer will offer. Every influencer looks forward to good pay💲 for the services they intend to offer. The monetary compensation often mostly covers the content they share regarding your brand.

4. Payment Terms

As part of the payment details, state the pay schedule, any milestones of payment, and how payment will be distributed. State clearly what the initial payment will be and how the remaining payments will be scheduled. Ensure you have a viable payment structure that covers all payment details. State whether the payment cycle will take place every two weeks, once a month, or on another schedule. Remember, this section can help back you up if the other party tries to make changes to the agreement. 

5. Business Goals and Values

As one of the branding elements, social media influencers need to know the business’s core values and what aspects need marketing. The influencer needs to know the type of content they should relay🚴 to your potential audience. If the business outlines key performance indicators (KPIs) and how the influencer can help in achieving them, it goes a long way toward meeting goals. 

6. Approval Procedures

Before picking someone a new business partner, you need to first screen🔎 them. Brands only enter into a contract with an individual whose goals🖊 and strategies conform🔗 to theirs. On the business side, the influencer must prove their ability to market your brand. The screening process also entails determining whether they have a reliable audience that can consume your products or services.

For influencers, approval procedures may include seeing what other individual influencers and content creators have to say about working with this company. If there are any bad reviews, the social media influencer agreement may need to be even more explicit than usual so the influencer isn’t duped. 

7. Content Ownership

Since the contract will entail the generation of content for a brand, the company may wish to state that they shall have full ownership😋 of any marketing content. The online influencer may also need to give the company the right to use their influencer content such as name, photo, or logo♨ to market the brand.

The client may also want the freedom to modify the piece of content into various content formats. In this section, don’t forget to indicate the length of time that the client will own the content pieces in the working relationship with the influencer. 

Other things to include in your influencer agreement checklist:

  • Contract exclusions
  • Cancellation clauses regarding termination and morality
  • Content due dates📅
  • Guidelines for disclosures
  • Agreement on image manipulation

Do You Need Help with Your Influencer Agreement Checklist?

If you need assistance with your influencer agreement checklist, we have a team of legal professionals that can help🤝. You can also purchase our influencer agreement legal template that will give you step by step guidance👊 on how you can create an effective checklist agreement for your brand’s potential influencer. Visit here for more details📑, and good luck in your influencer/brand ventures!