What’s an Influencer Video Participant Release Form?

Hold on just a second✋! Don’t start recording content with anyone until you get them to sign✍️ a video participant release form. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a documentary, an ad, or parts of a video meeting that you’ll incorporate into a public video—you need to have your video participant release at the ready.

Ignoring a video participant release could get you into a lot of legal trouble⚖️ dealing with lawsuits and paying hefty fines. This doesn’t have to be the case, and creating and implementing a video participant release for your entire participant list is actually quite a simple process. Have a look below and see what a video participant release is all about and how you can get one on your list of attendees and guest stars.

What Is This Video Participant Release?

A video participant release is a consent document that makes the individual aware that their participation in your video is by their choice. It also states that you can use their appearance without asking for more permission later on. 

After you make your video, you want to use it in any marketing campaign and social media post you choose. To avoid legal issues that could prevent you from leveraging your video in your influencer marketing, it’s best to use a release form. The scenarios that call for using this form are endless, and it’s just beneficial overall 😊.

Do My Guests Really Need to Sign a Video Participant Release?

To really understand what this form is, it’s best to think about the video production📹 process. Let’s say that as a content creator, you come up with your unique idea for a video. You find the right people to feature in it and discuss exactly how you want them to perform🎬.

As much as you are in charge of this gig, the people you feature in your video do have the right to tell you where you can use footage of them in your Instagram stories and on other social media platforms. “But I got your verbal consent,” you may argue.

This is where things get ugly 🤷. Unfortunately, it will be your words against theirs. That’s why having the individual sign a video participant release form takes the blame off you 👍 if there’s a lawsuit. That may seem extreme, but just as a model release form and interview release consent form is standard, so is a video participant release form. 

Who Needs to Sign a Video Participation Release Form?

There’s a lot to consider on this topic, but you can’t go wrong by having the following people sign your video participant release form. That way you can use the content in your Instagram reels or other marketing channels as needed without worry. 

Actors – Their appearance may make up most of your videos 📹 depending on your niche. If this is the case, you will run into most of your issues by not having them sign.

Interviewees – The same reasons apply here! The interviewee is the most important aspect of the interview. Therefore, whether it’s for product demo videos, news videos, or explainer videos, an interviewee’s participation needs to be official 📝.

Voice Artists – Everyone’s voice is unique and is technically an identifier. Make sure to get any voice talent to sign this form too✍️ to protect your video marketing materials.

What Are the Benefits?

A video participant release is crucial and can protect you in many ways such as:

Commercial Use – By having the form signed, you’ll have full authorization to make use of the individual’s participation in your video ✔️. Whether you’re a micro-influencer or a major player on social media channels, this gives you maximum video marketing potential. 

Legal Protection – Verbal consent and agreements are never set in stone and can come back to bite you 😕. Having an official document signed prevents this from happening. 

Privacy – By having a video participant release signed, you prevent participants from discussing information about your projects at your discretion. The last thing you want is a leak 👎.

Get a Video Participant Release from A People’s Choice

Your video release form is not a casual document that can be taken for granted. Any legal release needs to be put together and considered with a lot of care. After all, it’s your video📹, and you want to use it as much as possible in your marketing plan for any social platform without legal ramifications. 

That’s why we’ve put together a customizable video participant release template that is both effective and customizable to your production needs. If you’d like a more direct approach, then you can book a consultation ✍️ with us whenever you’re ready. Don’t waste any more time; we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Get in touch with us today 🏆!