What’s in a Great Online Coaching Legal Package?

An online coaching business can do a lot of good 🙌! As an online coach, you have people’s backs and look out for their best interests. But the question is, who’s got your back? Who’s looking out for your best interests 🤔? An online coaching legal package, that’s who!

As the owner of an online business, you need to protect yourself from the myriad issues associated with running an online coaching program 🤷. From disgruntled clients to copyright infringement issues, there’s a lot that could go wrong. It’s good to be prepared and have a solid online coaching legal package at the ready. That’s why we made this guide on what a great online coaching legal package looks contains—and how you can make one for your coaching services.

1. Coaching Agreement

Your coaching contract or coaching services agreement 📄 is the most important in your package. It helps you engage 💬 with your clients and cover all the details.

Now, every coaching agreement isn’t the same. Your coaching program may offer something different compared to other online courses. That’s why you may need to tweak the finer details ✔️ here and there in your client contract.

What’s most important, however, is that your coaching services agreement sets the ground rules between you and the client. It tells them all the little things they’ll need to know for you to have a good business relationship, including these three key areas:

  • What they can expect from you
  • What you expect from them
  • What happens if they (or you) break the agreement

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement

The next document you’re going to need is a non-disclosure agreement. This piece of paper (or electronic document) gives your clients peace of mind 😺 and reassurance that their personal information is safe with you and that nothing will accidentally leak 🤷.

An NDA is important for any type of coaches, such as life coaches or a health coaches who might be privy to very personal information. It is especially important if you’re one of the business coaches running an executive training program or another program where you may hear business secrets. By including an NDA in your package, your clients understand that they are dealing with a professional who knows what they are doing.

3. Privacy Policy

Another good document to include in your online coaching legal package is a good privacy policy 🤫. A privacy policy is not the same as an NDA; the point of a privacy policy is to reassure your clients that the personal information they give you will be stored and managed safely and effectively. Rather than you whispering trade secrets into a competitor’s ear, this has to do primary with personal details like addresses, phone numbers, and the like.

No matter what size your business model 🏢 is, your website still needs to have a privacy policy. Not to mention, privacy is a serious legal issue across the US and beyond. If this isn’t in your package, then you can easily run the risk of getting into some sort of dispute with a potential client or push away 👎 a new client. This is especially true if you have coaching clients in states like California, which are known for their strict privacy laws. 

4. Terms and Conditions

It goes without saying that you need to outline your terms and conditions to your clients. That’s just a no-brainer 🤓. This document covers a wide variety of topics and lets clients they acknowledge and agree to what they can and can’t do when it comes to your website and coaching courses. It should also mention that you are the sole owner 🏢 of all the intellectual property in your training programs. Once they agree and sign, you’re off to the races, my friend 🏃!

5. Payment Details

It’s pretty obvious that nobody works for free, and neither should you. Your online coaching legal packaging needs to cover payment 💰 in great detail in a legal contract. Cover everything you can, including:

  • Fees
  • The method of payment
  • Deadlines
  • Refunds and cancellation policies

It might also help to have a letter of demand, especially if your payment requests are falling on deaf ears🙉. If you have online templates for this on hand, you can rest assured that money flows 💸 in the coaching business even you end up with a difficult client.

Get in Touch With The Best

Apart from the legal agreements mentioned above, there are a few more that you might need 📝 depending on your coaching clients. However, putting all of these together is quite tedious. All that legal language can really take a lot of time to put together 👴 if you’re not a lawyer.

That’s why we’ve put together a professional and customizable online coaching legal package template including a coaching contract. Made up of solid legal resources, our legal documents over great aid for coaches building their businesses. They can also help prevent any sort of ugly legal issues from finding their way to your desk.

If you like a more hands-on approach, you can get in touch with us directly whenever you’re ready. You don’t have to waste any more time on your legal documents. Get in touch with us today🏆!