What’s in a Residential Lease Amendment Template?

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, you’re probably familiar with the term “residential lease!” To those of us who run businesses in rented premises, this is not a new term at all😇. Sometimes, they may mean you need to make adjustments (amendments) to your original residential lease agreement. That might mean you need a residential lease amendment template. But what exactly is that, and how can it help you?

A residential lease amendment refers to a drafted✍ legal document that seeks to modify some elements in an existing lease agreement🤔. Any party (between the landlord and the tenant) can initiate this amendment before sending📤 it to the other person. Within a residential lease amendment template, however, you don’t need to include many event details except for the detailed description of the changes made over a period of time. Read on to learn what a good residential lease amendment template contains and how it can help you!

Elements of a Residential Lease Amendment Template

A lease agreement is a legal contract in which a residential property owner (landlord) rents (leases) their property to another individual (the tenant). The commercial landlord receives some agreed amount of money💵 from the tenant in a given time period in exchange for the use of the space. 

A typical lease amendment agreement form contains the following:

  •  Landlord’s name and address📲
  • Tenant’s name and address
  • Residential property details🗒
  •  Date of the previous lease agreement
  • Amended sections to the original lease agreement
  • Statement outlining the terms that haven’t changed concerning the original agreement, such as contact details and financial details
  • Real estate laws governing the amendment and keep the lease intact
  • A formal signature🖊 of the parties involved in the lease terms

A Lease Amendment by Any Other Name

Just to make this all more confusing, a lease agreement might be called any number of things depending on your specific circumstances, area, or even just preference! You might see real estate folks referring to a residential lease amendment as the following, so watch out for these terms. 

  • Lease amending agreement
  • Addendum to lease agreement
  • Lease addendum or lease addenda (addenda with lease amendments)
  • Amendment to lease agreement
  • Lease modification agreement
  • Modification to existing lease agreement
  • Lease amendment form
  • Lease renewal agreement or lease extension (if you’re lengthening your lease with the amendment)

Note: When making a lease amendment, you need to number🔢 it. You can make several amendments over time⏱, and assigning a number to each makes referencing easier.  

Why Use a Residential Lease Amendment Template?

As the tenant-landlord relationship stands the test of time⌛, some conditions of property rental may necessitate changes. Either of the parties may then request an amendment of the concerning rental property or contract of the lease to accommodate these life changes.

A residential lease amendment template becomes complete only when the tenant and the landlord agree🤝 to the changes proposed concerning the current lease. An amendment template entails an effective way to document📖 the change since it doesn’t affect the remaining aspects of the original commercial lease agreement. 

Here are some of the many reasons why you may want to use a residential lease agreement template:

  • Change in monthly rent (an increase or a decrease of the monthly rent)
  • Changing tenants👤 (such as adding or removing a roommate)
  • Extending the lease duration or rental period and rent payments
  • Allowing a pet 🐕 
  • Making adjustments to certain household rules or restrictions
  • Adding a storage unit in the leased apartment or premise
  • Allowing the tenant to make adjustments🖌 in the residential premises as part of the maintenance duties
  • Adding information about the guarantor and property managers
  • Providing parking space🚙 to the tenants as part of the rental contract
  • Instructing the tenant to acquire renter’s insurance
  • Amendments to a previous termination clause

Still not convinced? Here are two more compelling reasons to use a prepared contract document template for your lease amendment. 

Applicable Laws When Filing a Lease Amendment Template

In the U.S., laws governing lease agreement and extension of lease agreement vary based on the state in which you reside. Therefore, similar to lease agreements, lease amendment agreements have to adhere to the laws of a state. Using a lease agreement template created by a professional can help you follow the letter of the law. 

Also, the environmental protection agency (EPA) has the mandate of ensuring disclosures about lead-based paint warnings. This covers all residential premises in the U.S. If your original lease agreement never included the lead-based paint disclosure, the amendment template can cover this. When including lead-based disclosure warnings in your lease amendment, a good lease amendment can ensure you adhere to the laws of your state or county. 

What If I Don’t Want to Use a Residential Lease Amendment Template?

You may encounter various consequences if you don’t use a formal lease amendment template🗒. Even if you have a friendly relationship with your landlord, you need to document all amendments in writing through a house rental agreement template. The house rental agreement template act as a legally binding contract that prevents conflicts. If you do it wrong, it might not be legally enforceable, and you may run into trouble if your landlord doesn’t uphold their end of the deal. 

Failing to use a solid lease amendment agreement could also cause unfavorable changes in your rented premises. This may include increased rental payments without your consent😇. Also, if you fail to use a residential lease amendment template, you may incur additional resources (time and money) to draft a new lease agreement. So, all told, it’s better to do the job right the first time with an editable auto-fill document amendment prepared by expert lawyers. 

How to Use a Residential Lease Amendment Template

An amendment template makes the process of amending a lease way easier! It clarifies the difference between the earlier lease contract and the amended portions of the new agreement. It also answers any financial questions regarding the concerned lease.

Here are the basic steps to using a lease amendment template:

  • Give a detailed overview of the amendment to the original lease and rental contract
  • Fill all document features of the amendment online
  • Print🖨 it out and attach your signature
  • Attach the lease with the original terms to this amendment
  • Sending a copy to the other party using their current mailing address. Retain a copy📃 of the document templates and the original lease.   

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