What’s the Best Website Copyright Policy?

20 years ago, if someone needed to research a topic, they would generally have to go to a library 📘. But now, all we have to do is find the right website 🖥️, and pretty much everything we need to know about the topic is right there! The world we live in is basically run by online content, and it’s pretty fantastic.

That’s why as a website owner, you need to be able to protect🤺 that content from theft. If you’ve written captivating blog posts or posted some great content, you need to keep other people from stealing your hard work. Below is a breakdown of what you need to know about website copyright policy.

How Do I Keep My Content Safe?

Well, first things first ☝️: You need to copyright your website’s content. Did you know that not too long ago, Samsung had to pay $1 billion 💰 to Apple due to a patent infringement lawsuit? Just like Apple suing Samsung for patent infringement, by copyright law, the copyright owner of the content can sue a person who commits copyright infringement.

Copywriting your website’s content ensures the original content you put up on your website is legally sound ⚖️, and the risk of it being copied is slim to none. You don’t even have to go after a copyright registration in most cases. You can protect your copyright ownership and copyright status, establishing your exclusive right and intellectual properties in this way with very little hassle. 

How Do I Get a Website Copyright Policy?

There are a few ways you can go about this 🤷. Yes, you can hire a lawyer👔 who can set up a copyright policy. However, you can also set one up yourself.

However, putting one together yourself can be a bit tricky. You’re going to have to do a lot of research, and it’s quite easy to make mistakes in this area. Even free templates online contain a lot of “legalese” regarding intellectual property rights, federal copyright laws, copyright holder restrictions, bla bla bla. So even customizing such a template is not such a fun process 😕 and can result in mistakes that can compromise legal agreements. 

Why Do I Need In My Website Copyright Policy?

Firstly, it’s really cheap to set one up and it takes up barely any space on your website. It’s a great legal tool to have on your website🤗 that tells your visitors they are looking at a professional site. it also helps with preventing infringement and responding to it when it occurs.

Another policy that is a great idea to consider is the End-User Licence Agreement (EULA). This is a standard contract that is used when it comes to using online content and services. Just be aware that when it comes to this agreement it cannot be put together by just anybody☝️.

In this case, you must speak to a legal professional to help you put one together that is bulletproof, because if you don’t, then there is a strong chance💪 of you experiencing lots of legal action taken against you, or having your original content infringed. It’s safe to say that you don’t want to experience that😔.

What If My Content’s Been Infringed?

If this has happened to you then your best bet is to use a DMCA takedown notice📄. This is a go-to notice when someone has noticed their content has been duplicated and used on someone else’s behalf. A DMCA notice basically tells the person in question that the content is not their own and they need to take it down as soon as possible🚫.

The process isn’t very difficult, you will need to verify that it is exactly your original material that is being duplicated🖨️. and once you have that sorted out everything else should go quite smoothly.

Work With The Best

Putting together a website copyright policy on your own it’s not really good legal advice😕. You can easily make an error, you could forget to add something, or it could be problematic from the beginning😔. That’s why it’s highly advised to speak with a professional👔 in this case.

We’ve created an effective website copyright policy template that is customizable to your website. So it’s sure to give you legal protections and lower the risk of any sort of copyright infringement happening. If you’d like a more direct approach then you can get in touch with us whenever you are ready🤗.