When a Spouse Dies: Questions Answered

When a spouse dies, handling all the necessary details to settle his or her #estate can be overwhelming. 

Don’t let the legal implications of a spouse’s death add to the stress of losing a partner. Remember to use the following guide to ensure you’ve handled all the necessary legal actions:

When a Spouse Dies: Checklist

✅ Arrange for organ donation.

✅ Contact immediate family and friends.

✅ Consider funeral preparations.

✅ Order several copies of the death certificate.

✅ Secure all of their personal property.

✅ Notify the local Social Security office.

✅ Stop health #insurance coverage

✅ Notify life insurance companies and file claims.

✅ Contact financial advisors to obtain beneficiary information.

✅ Notify #mortgage companies and banks.

✅ Discuss estate taxes with a tax preparer.

✅ Close charge accounts that are only in their name.

✅ Change legal documents for existing assets to your name alone.

✅ Address the death of the co-trustee and perform other trust administration duties.

Important Questions for When Your Spouse Dies

❓ When a spouse dies, who gets social #security, and how much?

The amount of social security you will receive upon your spouse’s death depends on his or her average lifetime earnings. 

If you are a surviving spouse, schedule an appointment with your local Social Security office to determine your benefits.

❓ When my spouse dies will I get their #pension?

You will receive your spouse’s pension if he or she chooses a joint and survivor benefit plan, which provides a monthly payment based on the surviving spouse’s lifetime.

❓ What happens if my spouse dies with #debt?

If your spouse passed away with outstanding debts, you may be liable for them, even if they’re from a credit card in his or her own name.

If you find yourself asked to pay off a deceased spouse’s debt, contact A People’s Choice @apeopleschoiceinc (“APC”) @apeopleschoiceinc https://apeopleschoice.com/ for help. APC’s compassionate staff has over 35 years of experience and can help you handle any necessary legal paperwork to administer your spouse’s estate. Go to: @apeopleschoiceinc.

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