Why a Podcast Interview Release Is a Podcaster’s Best Friend

When you start your podcast 🎙️, it’s safe to say that it belongs to you. You’re the boss, and you’ll have the final say on everything in your podcast. However, if you invite a guest on, you may find that suddenly they think they’re the boss! No podcaster wants to deal with that sort of headache 🤕! That’s why you need a podcast interview release.

A podcast interview release is a must for anyone who wants to maintain creative control, but it’s also important for guests as well. This article covers the basics of podcast guest release forms and tells you how you can get your hands on one. 

What Is a Podcast Interview Release?

 A podcast interview release, sometimes known by similar names like “podcast release form,” or “talent release form,” is an important podcasting document 📄. You should give this to your guests to sign ✍️ before you start any chatting or recording with them. Basically, this form gives you the right to use the content from the recording session in any way you see fit.

However, keep in mind that this doesn’t protect you as a podcast host from acting rudely or inappropriately to your guests. Having an interview release form doesn’t guarantee you safety from the court if you start saying hateful or rude things. It also may not protect you if you use your podcast hosting privileges to edit the interview and twist the guest’s words in an attempt to boost your podcast audience.

Why Do I Need a Podcast Interview Release?

Wondering why you need a podcast interview release if it comes with these caveats? Despite its limitations, a podcast interview release can help a lot. It prevents disagreements over content decisions and the guest’s rights over the material. It’s a great tool 🔧 that gives you a podcast maker’s full control over your podcast episodes.

Furthermore, if you want guests on your podcast, then you absolutely need a release ✔️ (there is no negotiating this). This is true for both established successful podcasts or if you’re a beginner podcaster or part-time podcaster. Otherwise, you might have to remove sections from episodes or remove previous episodes entirely if the guest has a change of heart later 🤷.

Let’s say, for instance, you make a podcast episode about a controversial topic with a guest. The episode went off without a hitch 🙌 during the podcast launch, and your podcast audience keeps increasing daily.

A year later, the same guest gets in touch and asks you to take down that podcast because their views on that content aren’t the same anymore 😕. But that podcast represents some of your best work. Don’t worry! You’ll only encounter legal problems if the guest never signed a podcast interview release form. 

When Should My Guest Sign this Release?

It’s best to sign your podcast interview release form before production starts (regardless of your current clout level or audience size). It’s a good idea to include it as a part of the overall package 📝 when bringing on a new guest. However, if you have any unsigned guest recordings, it’s best to get them to sign ASAP ⌛, even if you’ve already conducted the interview.

What Should this Release Include? 

Although every podcast is different, podcast guest release forms are all pretty similar. They generally cover these areas:

  • The purpose of the podcast interview
  • What both parties can expect from each other.
  • Who has control and rights over all podcast episodes
  • Protection from legal issues ⚖️.

There’s a lot more than you can include in your podcast release form depending on your specific needs. 

Where Can I Get a Podcast Interview Release?

Podcast guest release forms are a form of protection for every podcast. They can prevent you from seeing the inside of a courtroom 👍 and maintain full control over your work. As a podcaster, you don’t want to argue with a guest you spoke with years ago 📅 over the rights to their interview. 

That’s why it’s best to stay prepared with the right podcast guest release forms. Most guests may happily sign. However, putting a document together like this isn’t the easiest task, 😕 and you can miss important stuff if you’re not careful. That’s why we’ve put together a professional and customizable podcast interview release template 🙌. It’s sure to make things a lot easier for you when you bring on new guests.

If you want more professional help with this, you can make a booking with Ian or his legal team today to fully secure your podcasts. Get in touch with us today 😀!