Why a Testimonial Release Is Your Friend

Positive reviews👍 are always great to read! Whether it’s about your website, your social media presence, or your marketing activities, who wouldn’t like to see raving reviews🔥 about what they do? It’s also a great way to increase viewer awareness 👀. If you’d like to increase the number of reviews on your accounts, it might be time for you to snag a testimonial release form. 

It’s common knowledge that before anyone makes a decision these days, they generally read the reviews to ascertain if they are making a good choice 🤷. That’s why it’s a big advantage for you to gather testimonials with the proper permission. Let’s take a look at why a testimonial release document is so important for your success and how you can get one today. 

Racking in the Positive Reviews: About Testimonials

Obviously, before you use a testimonial release form, you have to get some testimonials in the first place. Depending on your business, this might be a product review or simply a review of your social media platform posts. Whatever the case, here are some queries that we get a lot about reviews. 

Can I Tell Reviewers What to Say?

This is a key question for many business owners, but it’s a no-go 👎. Some strict laws make it clear that you need to reflect honest opinions from viewers, customers, and clients in reviews. You can use your own questions and suggestions, but telling your customers what to say is a no-go🚫. You’ll have to stick to using your thoughts in your marketing activities instead.

Guess what? This means you have to throw in the bad testimonials too 😕. It sucks, but sadly you can’t just cover them up. Nobody’s perfect, the same goes for anybody’s feedback. Plus, including a bad review on a reasonable basis can make you look real to your viewers.

Should I Ask for or Pay for Testimonials?

You’ve probably noticed plenty of YouTubers and other influencers asking for uncompensated testimonials, Google reviews, a product reviews, etc. This is because there are lots of positive reasons to gather as many reviews as possible from your viewers, who are your ambassadors! Asking if they can share their opinion is perfectly fine👍. You can even ask them to share reviews via email, phone, or in-person if they really want to 🤷. 

If you want to go down the incentivized route, that’s fine too. However, the testimonials still need to be legit, and it needs to come from a real viewer✔️. The conditions of this agreement need to be clear to other viewers reading the testimonial as well. These are similar to the sponsored posts and product reviews you might see on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media today.

Basically, yes, paying for reviews of your social media presence is legal. You don’t have to stick to solely uncompensated testimonials. Most websites restrict paid 💰 testimonials in any form in their terms of service agreement, however, so this might apply to you too. Be sure to check the rules on the platforms where your social media presence is best to make sure you’re not breaking them.

What Is a Testimonial Release?

Now for the main event! A testimonial release is basically a one-sided agreement 🗎 for your business. It gives a person or business (you, in this case) ownership over a testimonial someone writes✍️ about them. This means that only the person who writes the testimonial has to make promises and give signatures. The other party does nothing. So you can see where the one-sided part comes in!

A testimonial release is a lot different from other documents like a Model Release because it’s only restricted to personal media. You may also think that it’s in the same pool as a Release form, but even that’s a stretch😕. It only covers testimonials and nothing else. Not even legal claims or demands⚖️.

Keep in mind that testimonials are generally written or spoken. If they’re spoken 🗣️, then you have to either get that review in writing or use a photo🤳 or video 📹 format of the testimonial. If you’re using one of the latter options and are expecting multi-platform hybrid views you need a separate media release. You can get a video release or photo release from us at a reasonable price. 

Why Create a Testimonial Release?

Generally, you use this form when someone has a testimonial 📝 about you or your business in any format and you want to release them to the public. By using a testimonial release, you can leverage positive reviews on your social media platform of choice 📈 without paying the reviewer for each social media post. It also protects you from any lawsuits on the part of the reviewer. 

Is Every Testimonial Release the Same?

This type of legal document is different in various states 🤷. This is because of individual state laws, governing general and commercial contract rules. Sometimes, copyright laws also play a role depending on the situation.

However, there are some key areas where testimonial releases overlap. A testimonial release always has the contact information📱 of the releasor (the one who made the testimonial). It also covers every little detail about the testimonial and even throws in space for the full release in the text if you want 😊. 

When you and the reviewer have filled out your form, it’s time for you and the reviewer to sign it ✍️. Remember that if the reviewer is a minor, their parent/guardian needs to sign on their behalf. It’s a great idea to also have a copy for both parties after the fact. Then you can ride off into the sunset with your newly minted positive review. 

Get Professional Help With Your Testimonial Release

So, now that you know what a testimonial release📝 is and what it does, you might be thinking it’s fairly simple and you can just put one together yourself! Then you can skip to scooping up those Google reviews or that good product review and posting them all over your TikTok page. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy if you don’t have a good background in legal documents. That’s why we’ve put together a solid💪 testimonial release that’s both professional and customizable.

If this is something that could benefit you, then consider buying the template. If you need other legal guidance, you can book a consultation✍️ with us to further streamline how we can be of help to you. Get in touch with us; your business will be thankful!