You’re Probably Breaking Social Media Law RIGHT NOW …

We usually associate copyright infringement with serious offenses, but even the smallest mistakes on your social media accounts could lead to copyright strikes 😳.

In fact, your everyday digital activity is most likely breaking at least one social media copyright law.

If you consider yourself an influencer or use social media for any business-related purposes, you need to pay extra attention to these laws to keep your account – and income! 💲 – safe 🛡️. 

Here are some of the most common ways influencers are breaking social media law every day

Using hashtags #️⃣ as copyright 


Contrary to popular belief, creating a hashtag for your brand does not grant you the right to repost content by fans.

For example, a fan of Nike 👟 who posts a photo of them running 🏃‍♀️ with the hashtag JustDoIt does not give Nike any sort of copyright to their material. 

In order to re-use any material posted with your hashtag in the description, you must first request permission from the original poster.

Tagging the creator for copyright

Similarly, tagging the original creator of a piece of content in your description is not 🙅‍♀️ enough to grant you copyrights, regardless of the original intent of the material.

Ignoring fair use 

The copyright doctrine of fair use outlines specific criteria that must be met in order for use to be considered “fair”.

One of the trickiest criteria of fair use is the transformation of the original content, which can be achieved by adding commentary 💬 or critique to the content, or even by making it into a meme or satire.

Some people believe that describing a video game 🎮 as they livestream gameplay qualifies as transformation; however, unless they’re educating ✏️ their viewers on gameplay or providing some sort of critique of the content, they are most likely guilty of copyright infringement

In order to keep your account safe, be sure to educate yourself on the criteria for fair use before re-posting anyone else’s content.