YouTube Giveaway Rules (Terms and Conditions for Running Contests on YouTube)

YouTube giveaways are an awesome way to promote your brand. They form a significant platform for enhancing user engagement, developing loyalty from your audiences, and collecting valuable data for marketing. YouTube giveaway rules offer terms and conditions on how you should handle the whole contest. Such official rules can either come from YouTube, the state, or the federal government.

When running your YouTube giveaway, keep in mind that a good mix of content and campaign promotions lead to more 1) likes, 2) comments and 3) video shares. These three factors significantly affect your search rankings on YouTube 🤑. Of course, all that is a moot point if your giveaways or contests don’t follow the terms of service, community guidelines, and privacy policy for YouTube. We need to go further into understanding the YouTube giveaway rules to make sure your contest is above board and ready to bring in tons of engagement for you!

YouTube Giveaway Official Rules

YouTube grants channel owners the freedom to involve their users in contests and giveaways by sharing content through their platform. However, this only applies if your contest adheres to all the official rules. Also, it’s important to note that YouTube doesn’t allow giveaways to be run via ad units 😱. 

The general rules from YouTube include the following:

  • You should solely take responsibility for your contest or giveaway
  • When running the giveaway, you must take note of all local, state, and federal rules
  • Infringing or encouraging other individuals to infringe third party rights is not allowed
  • You cannot trick your participants into giving you their entry rights ⚠. Instead, you have to explicitly state what you’ll be allowed to do (e.g. access their information, use their pictures, etc.)
  • All entries to your giveaway must be free of charge
  • You should not participate in any form of manipulation that entails artificially increasing your subscribers or the number of likes, views, comments, or dislikes you get. This may also entail unnaturally increasing your metrics by sharing your videos with unsuspecting viewers. All your metrics must be obtained through genuine user engagement. ✍
  • You should not associate YouTube with your giveaway in any manner (as in, don’t pretend YouTube is a sponsor or a partner if they aren’t). The only exemption is when you obtain prior written consent from YouTube.

YouTube Giveaway Official Rules from the Federal Government and California

Apart from the general giveaway rules from YouTube, the federal government and the state of California also provide additional guidelines regarding such promotions. Rules from the federal government include the following three general guidelines:

  1. State to your participants all disclosures, including local and federal laws regarding YouTube giveaways
  2. Ensure all your giveaways are compliant with YouTube’s terms of service 😎
  3. Quote all YouTube community guidelines. Elaborate to participants the criteria within which entries may get disqualified

Apart from the federal government, the state of California also has additional guidelines relating to how you can run YouTube contests. The YouTube giveaway rules from California include:

  • Taking responsibility for all your giveaway rules and other aspects of administering the contest.
  • Ensuring the contest is held accordingly and prizes are awarded to winning participants based on YouTube’s official guidelines 🤓.
  • Stating clearly to participants that your giveaway is not endorsed in any way by YouTube. This includes not associating YouTube with any form of liability with your promotional campaign.
  • Including a legal privacy policy that describes to participants the safety of their data during the giveaway.

What Are the Consequences of Not Adhering to YouTube Giveaway Official Rules?

Failing to adhere to the laws, rules, and regulations regarding YouTube giveaways may attract various forms of punishment. First, if your pre-recorded content goes against YouTube’s community guidelines, YouTube will flag it 🙄. Although the URLs for your content and live streams will still function, the viewers will receive a notification regarding the flagging of the video following the violation of YouTube’s policies related to spam and scam practices. This form of punishment can negatively affect your business reputation by making you look like a con artist 🤔.

Apart from flagging down your channel’s content, violating the terms and conditions may also lead to fines. Although the amount of fine may vary, they always affect your business income flow, and this can be devastating if you are just starting out.

9 Tips to Running an Effective YouTube Giveaway  

To avoid any of those punishments, here are 9 tips to help you run a giveaway that follows the rules and gets you the engagement you’re looking for!

1.     State the goals for your giveaway clearly and concisely

2.     Adhere to all YouTube giveaway rules

3.     Select desirable giveaway prizes

4.     Thoroughly outline your contest rules and regulations

5.     Determine the right partnerships for your contest

6.     Provide a cool, easy-to-use hashtag for your giveaway

7.     Announce the dates for your giveaway

8.     Use transparent criteria to choose and announce the winners 😎

9.     Assess whether you achieved all contest goals after completion of the giveaway (this can help you plan for next time)

Follow YouTube Giveaway Rules for a Giveaway that Rules!

YouTube giveaway rules seek to provide proper guidance as you plan to create contests or giveaways for your platform. Ensure you adhere to all the rules and regulations at both the local and federal levels. After all, you want to minimize the consequences that come with violating YouTube’s terms and conditions regarding giveaways.

Contact us if you need further guidance to administer your YouTube giveaway without violating any rules. 📲 We are well-versed with social media giveaway rules and can help you cover all your legal bases. Creating quality, law-abiding giveaways is that much easier with a little help from your lawyer friends!