Wrongful Channel Termination on YouTube: Fighting Back

It happens now and again – YouTubers πŸ“Ί all over the world freak out about their channel getting suspended or terminated .

However, channel termination or suspension is usually justified. In fact 99% of the time, YouTube does have a real basis for shutting down users’ channels, so wrongful termination is uncommon.

That being said, if you’re part of the 1% of users πŸ‘₯ that have been wrongfully terminated, I’m here to teach you how to get your channel back.

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Before that, though, it’s important to understand how the method for reactivation of your YouTube channel depends upon the reason or reasons why it was deactivated in the first place.

Why does YouTube deactivate channels? πŸ€”

There are two ✌️ main reasons why YouTube deactivates channels: repeated violations of community guideline strikes and serious abuse of the platform. 

Some of the most common community guideline violations on YouTube include:

❌ Spamming, or trying to get people off of YouTube and onto another website

❌ Misleading users by titling your videos inaccurately to increase πŸ“ˆ views

❌ Stuffing your description section with useless tags #️⃣ that are irrelevant to the video 

❌ Impersonation

❌ Filing false complaints about community guideline violations or false copyright claims to shut down other channels and monopolize subject matter on the platform

How does YouTube terminate channels?

If YouTube perceives that you have violated the community guideline, you will be subject to one of their two strike systems – the community guideline strike system or the copyright strike system.  

Remember that these strike systems work independently of each other, and that any strikes against your channel will disappear after 180 days πŸ—“οΈ.

If you receive one strike, it’s a warning ⚠️. Two strikes will result in the suspension of your YouTube channel or some of the features of your channel. Finally, a third strike means your channel will be terminated. 

Reactivating your channel

Once your channel has been terminated, you will receive an email πŸ“§ from YouTube outlining in broad terms the reason for the termination. Additionally, that email will include a link πŸ”— you can click to #appeal the termination. 

The link will take you to an online form πŸ“œ in which you’ll fill out some essential information as well as a detailed description of why your account should not be terminated.

Unsure what to write? 🀷

If your account was terminated due to repeated community guideline strikes, then I encourage you to go straight to your #metadata and pull out important evidence of your intent not to violate those community guidelines. 

In other words, list your video title, description, and #transcript, and use this information to prove that upon publication of the video, your intent was not to violate any guidelines, nor to spam, nor to mislead. 

This information will help YouTube make a decision about whether or not the appeal is meritorious.

If, on the other hand, your channel was terminated because of serious abuse, then my only advice to you is apologize, apologize and apologize πŸ™ in that appeal box. 

YouTube can be receptive to apologies and will hopefully re-grant you access to create a new channel sometime in the future. 

However, if you follow through the appeal process without approval, you should try to get in contact with a trusted #flagger 🚩. This is an individual who works for YouTube and monitors #social #media platforms to try and find problems with the site.

Oftentimes, if your channel has been wrongfully terminated, these trusted flaggers will assist you by taking a look πŸ”Ž at your channel and talking to YouTube directly.

The best way to find a trusted flagger is through #Twitter 🐦 or #Reddit. Simply post your problem, and if a YouTube trusted flagger sees it, they’ll contact you and give you some help to reinstate your channel.

Don’t get #scammed

There are companies and people out there who will offer to get your channel reinstated for a fee πŸ’². 

Most of the time, these people are partaking in scams – so don’t fall prey to them! 

While losing your YouTube channel is frightening, especially if it affects your #income, it’s not worth risking even more money to try to get it reinstated through third parties. Always be sure to reach out to YouTube directly or try to find official flaggers on other social media sites.