The Top 5 Copyright Infringement Laws You NEED to Know

Oftentimes, copyright infringement laws seem misleadingly straightforward. In fact, many content creators define these laws as simply “not stealing other people’s content”. However, copyright infringement laws are much more complicated than this, and failing to understand them can get you into trouble 👎. As a content creator and social media user, it is your responsibility … Read more

You’re Probably Breaking Social Media Law RIGHT NOW …

We usually associate copyright infringement with serious offenses, but even the smallest mistakes on your social media accounts could lead to copyright strikes 😳. In fact, your everyday digital activity is most likely breaking at least one social media copyright law. If you consider yourself an influencer or use social media for any business-related purposes, … Read more

The Three Mistakes That Could KILL Your Online Business

Whether you’re an influencer 📸 or salesperson 💼, ensuring your online business is lawful can be tricky. Staying up-to-date on legislation can be time ⌛ consuming, and hiring social media attorney can be expensive 💰; however, failing to do either of these things could potentially cost you millions of dollars and destroy your business 😵. … Read more

How to Report Copyright Infringement on Facebook

Did you know that if your copyrighted content is stolen and used by another person on @facebook, you can #report 🚩 the #violation with a DMCA form right on the site? A DMCA Takedown Notice is a copyright holder’s request that a stolen piece of material be removed from its hosting website. While you can … Read more

How To Protect Your Fashion Designs With Copyrights

If you’re an up-and-coming fashion designer 👗, you may want to post your sketches and products on social media to attract customers. However, you most likely also want the freedom to share your creations without worrying about your followers stealing your ideas 🤷.  One way to protect 🛡️ your fashion designs from copycats is with … Read more