How to Find and Report Stolen YouTube Video Content

YouTubers and their teams work hard to write ✍️, produce, film 📹, and edit their videos, so when even the smallest piece of content is stolen, it can be heartbreaking 💔. Luckily, @youtube has made it easy for content creators to find 🔎 and report ❗ stolen video content on the platform. If you suspect … Read more

How to Use Creative Commons Videos Without a Copyright Strike

We all like receiving packages 📦 in the mail, but no one wants #YouTube knocking on their door 🚪 saying, “Copyright strike, special delivery!”  One of the ways to include copyrighted clips in your videos 📺 without getting a strike to your channel is by using Creative Commons licensed content. What’s the big deal about … Read more

Fighting Back Against False Copyright Claims

Has your YouTube channel been hit 🎯 with a false copyright strike?  Are you looking to get it back in good 👍 standing?  Here are four steps to fighting ⚔️ false copyright strikes on YouTube: 1. Don’t ❌ use copyrighted material Now, I know it may sound intuitive 🤷‍♂️, but avoiding the use of other … Read more