EU Residents Urged to Join Legal Case Against Facebook Over Leaked Personal Data

Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) is urging Facebook users in the European Union (EU) to take action. 530 million Facebook users were victims of the recent massive data breach 🚰. Now, DRI asks them to join a legal case against the social media network.  According to DRI, some 1.5 million Irish people are among those whose … Read more

Australia Wants Facebook and Google to Pay for News Published on Their Platforms

Who remembers what life was like before we got the news directly from our Facebook feeds or Google search results? Well, Australians may soon have to start jogging their memories. Tech titans Facebook and Google are coming to terms with a new law passed by the Australian government that forces tech companies to give subsidies … Read more

Facebook Pays $650 Million for Privacy Violations

A federal judge has approved a $650 million settlement of a privacy lawsuit against Facebook, in what is being called the largest settlement for a privacy violation in history! 🤑 Facebook was sued in Illinois in 2015 for allegedly using its photo face-tagging feature and other user biometric data without its users’ consent. U.S. District Judge James … Read more