The Top 3 Most Infamous Cases of Influencers vs. Fair Use Law on YouTube

As a YouTuber, you need to be aware of whether your videos are breaking the law – or you could end up with copyright flags 🚩 and video takedowns! Unfortunately, some popular influencers missed the mark on following fair use law on YouTube and ended up losing a ton of money in the process. Luckily … Read more

Is This The Scary TRUTH About Fair Use?

As content creators, most of us love 💖 the copyright doctrine of fair use.  In case you’re unfamiliar, this doctrine allows content creators like us to use copyrighted material on our social media pages without facing infringement charges. Fair use claims that by transforming 🌀 a piece of content with commentary 💬, critique, satire, or … Read more

How to Avoid COPPA Law Problems on YouTube

As of January 1, 2020, youtube changed the entire kids’ 👧 content game. With new policies implemented in response to alleged violations of COPPA, YouTube is now discontinuing targeted 🎯 advertising, comments 💬, and channel notifications 🔔 on kids’ content. While these policies are meant to protect 🛡️ children under the age of 13, they … Read more

The Future of YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber 📺, or even just use the platform, you’re probably aware of some of the controversy that’s been stirring over the past few years. YouTube has recently been affected by a lot of negativity, ranging from toxic comments 💬 to fake news 📰 altering election results and privacy breaches that have compromised … Read more

Fair Use on YouTube: How-To Videos

Hey 👋 creator! Do you like to teach, inform, or educate 👩‍🏫 on YouTube 📺? Oftentimes, creating instructional or how-to videos requires you to reference other users’ videos, photos, or music 🎵 to adequately instruct your viewers 👥.  For example, movie 🎞️ directors may want to explain how to direct action scenes like we see … Read more