You’re Probably Breaking Social Media Law RIGHT NOW …

We usually associate copyright infringement with serious offenses, but even the smallest mistakes on your social media accounts could lead to copyright strikes 😳. In fact, your everyday digital activity is most likely breaking at least one social media copyright law. If you consider yourself an influencer or use social media for any business-related purposes, … Read more

Is This The Scary TRUTH About Fair Use?

As content creators, most of us love 💖 the copyright doctrine of fair use.  In case you’re unfamiliar, this doctrine allows content creators like us to use copyrighted material on our social media pages without facing infringement charges. Fair use claims that by transforming 🌀 a piece of content with commentary 💬, critique, satire, or … Read more

Fair Use on YouTube: How-To Videos

Hey 👋 creator! Do you like to teach, inform, or educate 👩‍🏫 on YouTube 📺? Oftentimes, creating instructional or how-to videos requires you to reference other users’ videos, photos, or music 🎵 to adequately instruct your viewers 👥.  For example, movie 🎞️ directors may want to explain how to direct action scenes like we see … Read more