What Is the Sandbox?

What is the Sandbox?

Love gaming 🎮? There are quite a few virtual worlds out there at the moment where you (and Snoop Dogg—no joke) can buy game assets, build in a virtual environment, and even make some cold hard cash on the cryptocurrency exchanges. The Sandbox is one of these VR games 🥽, and its heavy emphasis on … Read more

What Is Somnium Space?

What is Somnium Space?

Not all metaverses are produced equally. Some are very immersive experiences; others are virtual reality light where you can have a little fun 😍. There is no one-size-fits-all metaverse, so you might have to try different options to figure out what you prefer. One of those options is Somnium Space, which is quickly making a … Read more

Virtual Land for Beginners

Virtual land for beginners

The Metaverse 😎, cryptocurrency, fungible tokens, NFTs—we are living in a whole new world these days. Virtual land is part of that world 🤳, and plenty of enterprising businesses are investing millions into metaverse tech. If you want to be up to speed on what some people predict is the next iteration of social media, … Read more