Have You Ever Wanted To Learn About Social Media Laws?

There are too many of them to name and discuss here. But generally, social media laws refers to privacy laws. It is very beneficial for your business to be on social media. Problems sometimes occur with respect to your customer’s privacy rights. Your customers have the right to have their private information protected. Lawmakers continue … Read more

The Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Social Media Attorney

As a content creator and social media influencer, you’ve gone ahead and done the right thing by hiring a social media attorney 👍. However, whether you’ve scheduled a one-time consultation or brought on a lawyer for long-term help, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t know what questions to ask them. Luckily, while … Read more

The Three Mistakes That Could KILL Your Online Business

Whether you’re an influencer 📸 or salesperson 💼, ensuring your online business is lawful can be tricky. Staying up-to-date on legislation can be time ⌛ consuming, and hiring social media attorney can be expensive 💰; however, failing to do either of these things could potentially cost you millions of dollars and destroy your business 😵. … Read more

When a Spouse Dies: Questions Answered

When a spouse dies, handling all the necessary details to settle his or her #estate can be overwhelming.  Don’t let the legal implications of a spouse’s death add to the stress of losing a partner. Remember to use the following guide to ensure you’ve handled all the necessary legal actions: When a Spouse Dies: Checklist … Read more

What is a Heggstad Petition?

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a person who passes away to fail to formally transfer all of his assets into their trust prior to death. This can be due to: ❇️ Forgetting to transfer property ❇️ Dying before the transfer is complete ❇️ Flawed paperwork ❇️ Not knowing the title of the property needed to … Read more

Legal Document Services – An Affordable Alternative to Lawyers

Unfortunately, the costs of many California legal document services, especially through attorneys, are unaffordable for most people. But I have a solution! California recognizes the need to offer alternative solutions for everyday people who find themselves dealing with the court ⚖️ system. Lately, the state has made great strides to expand its self-help legal services. … Read more

How to Create a Living Trust with a Legal Document Service

In the past, making estate plans such as living trusts required hiring a lawyer and spending thousands of dollars 💰 on the preparation of legal documents.  Even for a small family with a modest estate, the cost of preparing living trusts and other estate plan paperwork often resulted in bumping these items to the bottom … Read more

How to Avoid Probate Court

In California, passing property from a deceased’s small estate to beneficiaries requires special procedures. A California small estate #probate affidavit can transfer personal property in an estate with real and personal property worth less than $166,250 without formal probate proceedings, thereby avoiding court 🏛️ altogether. California Small Estate Probate Affidavit for Personal Property Personal property … Read more

How to Divorce in California without a Lawyer

Filing for divorce can be expensive and time-consuming on its own, but things can get even worse once an attorney is hired!  In fact, attorneys in divorce cases are usually the only winners – once they’ve collected those hefty fees 💰, that is. Luckily, you can easily file for divorce in California without a lawyer, … Read more

The Dangers of Multi-Channel Networks 

As a YouTube content creator, you’re probably familiar with the fact that multi-channel networks, or MCNs, can really blow up your YouTube account and bring in the big bucks 💰. However, I’m here to protect 🛡️ you from the dangers that come along with entering into poorly structured MCN agreements.  But first… What is an … Read more