The Twitch Affiliate Agreement: A Lawyer’s Perspective

Twitch Affiliate Agreement

If you’re an 👍 influencer, you may already know that the popular streaming platform Twitch is getting into the influencer game. Twitch is famous for its involvement with video game play streaming, and its most popular streamers get millions of views. To capitalize on that, Twitch has established a method for streamers entering the platform … Read more

The Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Social Media Attorney

As a content creator and social media influencer, you’ve gone ahead and done the right thing by hiring a social media attorney 👍. However, whether you’ve scheduled a one-time consultation or brought on a lawyer for long-term help, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t know what questions to ask them. Luckily, while … Read more

Today’s Top 10 Highest Paid Influencers

Hey there, creator 👋.  Are you looking to grow 📈 your career as an influencer? As in any other business, looking to the most successful social media influencers attorney and their strategies can help inspire and educate us on the most effective tools ⚒️ and tips for gaining #followers, #subscribers, and #likes – and earning … Read more

5 Steps for Locking Down Influencer Brand Deals

Hey 👋 influencers! If you’re building your social media presence and trying to increase revenue 💰, you’re probably starting to look into brand deals. Brand deals are a great way to partner with other companies to help them sell a product – and get a cut for yourself! While there are a lot of intricacies … Read more

10 Steps to Getting Brand Deals on Instagram

We’ve all seen videos promising to teach 🏫 you how to make money 💰 on Instagram.  However, just like everything else, there’s a right and a wrong way to try to get rich 💸 on social media attorney 💻.  Some of the tips and tricks provided by even the most popular influencers are, believe it … Read more