What to Look for in an Independent Contractor Agreement

an independent contractor agreement

Are you a business owner looking to hire contract workers for your business🤨? Or are you a freelancer looking for independent contracts? Either way, cool🤩! Hiring independent contractors have helped a lot of businesses achieve their goals and objectives without having to worry about the costs of full-time workers👷‍♀️. For workers, independent contracts offer flexibility … Read more

Have You Ever Wanted To Learn About Social Media Laws?

There are too many of them to name and discuss here. But generally, social media laws refers to privacy laws. It is very beneficial for your business to be on social media. Problems sometimes occur with respect to your customer’s privacy rights. Your customers have the right to have their private information protected. Lawmakers continue … Read more

You’re Probably Breaking Social Media Law RIGHT NOW …

We usually associate copyright infringement with serious offenses, but even the smallest mistakes on your social media accounts could lead to copyright strikes 😳. In fact, your everyday digital activity is most likely breaking at least one social media copyright law. If you consider yourself an influencer or use social media for any business-related purposes, … Read more

When It’s Illegal to Share Your Opinion Online

Influencers who frequently share their opinions 🗣️ with followers via @youtube 📺 or blogs 📝 are often the most popular, especially when these opinions are controversial.  However, these individuals must be cautious 🚧  when voicing their opinions online 🌐, especially if they want to keep their business out of trouble. While America’s constitution 🇺🇸 promotes … Read more

Turn Your Business Communications Into Social Media Content – EASY!

Repurposing ♻️ old content for social media posts is an effective way to save money 💰 and engage followers. However, did you know that this content reuse could also apply to your internal business communications? Sharing your internal information – whether it was originally communicated via flyers, emails, or videos 📹 – can help maintain … Read more

Today’s Top 10 Highest Paid Influencers

Hey there, creator 👋.  Are you looking to grow 📈 your career as an influencer? As in any other business, looking to the most successful social media influencers attorney and their strategies can help inspire and educate us on the most effective tools ⚒️ and tips for gaining #followers, #subscribers, and #likes – and earning … Read more

The Three Mistakes That Could KILL Your Online Business

Whether you’re an influencer 📸 or salesperson 💼, ensuring your online business is lawful can be tricky. Staying up-to-date on legislation can be time ⌛ consuming, and hiring social media attorney can be expensive 💰; however, failing to do either of these things could potentially cost you millions of dollars and destroy your business 😵. … Read more

Social Media and Divorce Cases: The Dangerous Truth

If you’re familiar with divorce cases, you probably know how tricky they can be. However, the intricacies and difficulties of divorce has increased 📈 within the last several years, especially as social media networks have gained popularity. In fact, some individuals have shown up to court 🏛️ only to discover the defense case citing technology … Read more

When a Spouse Dies: Questions Answered

When a spouse dies, handling all the necessary details to settle his or her #estate can be overwhelming.  Don’t let the legal implications of a spouse’s death add to the stress of losing a partner. Remember to use the following guide to ensure you’ve handled all the necessary legal actions: When a Spouse Dies: Checklist … Read more