Steven Crowder Sues YouTube Over Content Moderation Policies

Anyone who spends time on social media has likely heard πŸ‘‚ or seen πŸ‘€ memes about conspiracies that claim digital platforms are targeting and censoring conservatives. These claims have become louder following the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.  The latest victim of this alleged censorship is conservative entertainer Steven Crowder. He is … Read more

Social Media and Divorce Cases: The Dangerous Truth

If you’re familiar with divorce cases, you probably know how tricky they can be. However, the intricacies and difficulties of divorce has increased πŸ“ˆ within the last several years, especially as social media networks have gained popularity. In fact, some individuals have shown up to court πŸ›οΈ only to discover the defense case citing technology … Read more