When It’s Illegal to Share Your Opinion Online

Influencers who frequently share their opinions 🗣️ with followers via @youtube 📺 or blogs 📝 are often the most popular, especially when these opinions are controversial.  However, these individuals must be cautious 🚧  when voicing their opinions online 🌐, especially if they want to keep their business out of trouble. While America’s constitution 🇺🇸 promotes … Read more

How to Use Content ID to Protect Your Videos on YouTube

Back in 2007, YouTube created Content IDs to protect 🛡️ YouTubers’ content from being stolen; however, not all YouTube lawyer creators are aware of how Content ID works.  If you’ve ever worried about your content being stolen and used without permission or licensure, you could most likely benefit from learning 💡 about YouTube Content ID, … Read more

5 Networking Tips for Success on YouTube

As a leader of professional networking 🤝 groups across Southern California, I’m often approached for #advice on acquiring more likes 👍, views 👀, and subscribers 👥 on content creators’ YouTube 📺 channels.  From my conversations with these YouTubers, I’ve noticed a common misconception that algorithms, from tighter scripts and hooks to SEO, are the only … Read more