Affiliate Privacy Policy


Do you sell products or services online? If so, then you need your own custom drafted “Privacy Policy”. Yes, you need a Privacy Policy even if you sell only through affiliate links.

This Privacy Policy I drafted for you helps establish a trusted relationship between you and your buyers of your products and services. What’s more is that this policy complies with FTC rules and regulations, the GDPR, as well as a host of other countries laws and ordinances.

After purchasing my custom-drafted Privacy Policy, you will receive an order confirmation email. The order confirmation email contains a LINK to a FORM where you can provide the info I need to create your document. After you SUBMIT the form, you will receive an email with your pre-filled and custom-drafted Privacy Policy attached as a Word Document.

Include your custom drafted version of this “Privacy Policy” on a separate page of your website. Include a URL link to this privacy policy in all your social media posts which sell products or services. This way you will be protected, and you will comply with the applicable online laws.